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#51 by freshift
2019-03-15 at 14:02
#48 When the issue was brought to the British Parliament and "major Japanese politicians" were citing "recent censures from the British Parliament and American civil right movements" as one of primary reasons for their regulatory efforts, it stopped of being "a handful of negative western articles".

#49 The Rapelay fiasco had limited consequences in the end because the heat died off for the reasons I've already discussed above, and that's why I expressed my agreement to dk382's point that the industry overacted on its own. That however absolutely does not means that the fiasco and its subsequent events were not threatening developments that would have drove the industry to extinction, had not the Liberal Democratic Party were defeated in the election.

Besides, you've picked the worst possible indicator for the health of the industry. A research from 2010 indicates that the size of the eroge market at the end of the year 2009 was estimated to be about 30 billion yen. Throughout next two years, this sum shrunk into 24.3 billion yen. By 2014, the supposed heyday according to your statistics, the amount was about 20.4 billion yen, 2015 17.6 billion yen, 2016 16.8 billion yen, with the grim estimation of 16 billion yen for 2017.Last modified on 2019-03-15 at 14:11
#52 by sanahtlig
2019-03-15 at 14:22
What consequence was there? Certain tags in certain stores remain unused, for "professional" works, which have other channels anyway.
When you have industry veterans claiming that online sales are driven by tag searches, tags being liquidated doesn't seem as trivial anymore. If you can't easily find what you're looking for, you're probably going to buy less. As any site admin will tell you, SEO matters. Though the Japanese have also wormed their way around the restrictions, e.g., by replacing the "loli" tag with "puni".Last modified on 2019-03-15 at 21:18
#53 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-15 at 19:09
Isnt PlayHome Rapelay 2.0?
#54 by sanahtlig
2019-03-15 at 21:24
Reviewing their lineup again, it does seem like Illusion still makes the Play series of rape games. I guess I hadn't tracked their releases as closely as I'd thought.Last modified on 2019-03-15 at 21:27


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