Can a mod delete the dupe I made?

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#1 by geoffmoore
2019-03-01 at 23:20
Hi there! New to the board and I stupidly managed to create a duplicate entry after looking for my name under surname rather than first name. Sorry about that! Can a mod delete Geoff Moore? I can't find an option to do it myself. Thank you.
#2 by minah
2019-03-01 at 23:29
No problem. FYI there is a dedicated thread for deletion requests, t2108, in case you need it again.
#3 by geoffmoore
2019-03-01 at 23:31
Thank you so much! And I couldn't get my webpage link to go in the right field, but I see you fixed that as well! I'll bookmark that thread and try and be more careful next time :)
#4 by minah
2019-03-01 at 23:36
Yeah, some links cause errors if they don't have a slash at the end, for some reason.


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