Can someone spoil the true ending for me

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#1 by keriadeadgirl
2019-03-04 at 01:44
< report >The title says it all really, I really want to know if the true ending is and is it different from the ending of the anime.

Is there an ending where she ends up with the son and doesn't marry the father like in the anime?

Basically long winded is there a complete happy netori happy ending with the father out of the way? and is it the true ending?

Thanks in advance if there is anyone out there lol
#2 by ᔕᕼᖇOOᗰᒪOᖇᗪ
2019-03-04 at 02:17
< report >Getting the true ending is a pain in the ass. I never bothered with it. Kinda had enough of her after unlocking something like 70% of the gallery anyway. I know getting her pregnant leads you to the true ending, if that helps. Don't know if she ditches the father.
#3 by pandaum
2019-03-09 at 17:44
< report >Yes there is a happy netori ending, if you get her pregnant you get an ending where she reveals everything to Mao's father, he then gives them both his blessing and she stay only with Mao.
It's the true ending because you even get an cg with a big "SHIORI TRUE END" on it.
#4 by stormwolf
2021-05-06 at 19:04
< report >#3 You say "stay only with mao" but if we've learnt something about Shiori during this game then it's that she's a major slut and it takes nothing to get into her panties. She'll "stay only with mao" alright.. while being plowed by other guys


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