Dies Irae offends Christianity

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#51 by warfoki
2019-06-14 at 19:56
I think the point was is that EVERY content is offensive / disliked by some people, as such content warnings that "this might offend X" are fundamentally pointless. Some trigger warnings make sense (warning people prone to seizures that flashing lights are coming up for one). What makes your worldview (Catholicism) so special that you, and not others, NEED a content warning? Nothing, that's what. So this basically came through ultimately self-righteous and judgemental, as if the VN would be bad or evil because it disagrees with some religious nonsense. Note that I haven't read this one, so I don't know what the exact content we talking about is, but I highly doubt that it can make the Catholic church look any worse than their irl actions already do.
#52 by forever-here
2019-06-14 at 20:19
never played the game. but I could understand if someone gets offended if they don't represent X correctly. especially Christianity. a guy I know tells me how easy it is for 2 people to have different interpretation of a same given passage or verse with context. said different interpretations will in effect bastardize the passage and the bible as a whole. and said bastardization will lead to basically why we can't have nice things. and all of this with good intentions even. but you know what they say about good intentions: it's a straight paved road to hell.
#53 by forever-here
2019-06-14 at 20:31
for most of these people (those who "walk the talk" of the scriptures anyway), I can see why they get so triggered when this VN potentially misinterprets a verse or passage. in their minds at least, you are seen as devil spawn for spreading "fake news", and they aren't exactly wrong when they assume this since this is exactly what the devil wants.

as for catholicism, most of their practice is against the bible which is what they should be following. they don't "walk the talk" so to speak. so, meh.
#54 by warfoki
2019-06-14 at 20:47
I honestly don't even know what these zealous people are doing here. I mean, about half the database is hardcore porn... Last time I checked the church wasn't a huge fan of that. Ehh, whatever, I probably shouldn't even bother, religious people preaching nonsense just makes my head hurt from the amount of stupid.
#55 by pkkodama
2019-06-14 at 23:34
#51 by warfoki
First of all, it's not some "religious nonsense". What's written in the Bible is the objective truth of the world, and you should read it if you want to become a proper human being.
It's not like Catholics "need" a content warning. It's just that it's better to have it than not to have it, especially since it has the tags "church" and "Priest Support Character", that may lead people to think that it's pro Christianity.
Unfortunately, it's true that the actions(or lack of them) of the actual Catholic church haven't been favorable for the religion, and that's because of the Second Vatican Council that weakened the power and influence of Christianity's doctrine, which gives more and more to innocent children the illusion that Catholicism is just another fake religion, and the schools keep preaching atheism to the students, with history teachers(especially the communist ones) indoctrinating them to see Christianity as an instrument of oppression. And the result of it are young people who think that they are smart by being immoral, using drugs and watching pornography.
Lastly, I would like to tell the perverts who keep projecting their own issues that, obviously, any decent person would never play a visual novel because of porn. Not all visual novels are eroge. The only visual novel with porn that I played was Kami no Rhapsody, and it was easy to identify when the sex scenes would start, so I skipped them all. It's true that playing it was a mistake anyways, but that was about 3 years ago, if I remember correctly, and I don't plan to play a +18 game again.
The fact that your head is being "hurt" from thinking about valuable things just means that your head is so used to staying in a comfort zone, as you keep losing intelligence by watching porn, that your brain ends up having to make a strenuous effort to do things that would be done without any effort by normal people. Improve yourself and get out of that kind of life. Porn is just another kind of addictive drug.
#56 by eacil
2019-06-15 at 00:06
I should have stopped at "the Bible is the objective truth of the world" but I knew something better was coming and I was right.
I learnt so much about myself. Thank you.
#57 by bobjr2000
2019-06-15 at 00:26
I do regret my last post on this forum if only because I probably would have made more progress talking to a brick wall than jesus christ superstar here. -_-
#58 by [deleted]
2019-06-15 at 00:27
I thought this thread was locked already lol
#59 by warfoki
2019-06-15 at 00:56
What's written in the Bible is the objective truth of the world, and you should read it if you want to become a proper human being.

Hah... Hahaha... BWAHAHAHAHAHA... :D Oh, wait, you are actually serious? That's even funnier. :D I don't even need to read the rest, that alone tells absolutely everything I need to know to never, ever take you even remotely seriously on pretty much anything.

The Old Testament is the hodge-podge collection of barely coherent ramblings of bronze age tribesmen. The New Testament is stories of a Jewish doomsday cultist (of whom there were MANY at the time) who may or may not have ever existed, considering that all the shit was made up an entire generation after his supposed death. Both are about as much trustworthy in describing the actual reality as much I'm the Queen of England. Which funny, considering that they were supposed to be the insights of some omnipotent god. An omnipotent benevolent god who is afraid of chariots and has no issues with slavery or pillaging and had to make a part of him by impregnating a human woman, so that he can sacrifice himself to allow his supposedly omnipotent self to forgive the humans for their sins or something. I couldn't make this nonsense up if I tried. And that's the objective truth of the world? Yeah, sure, and I'm also the King of England.

Look, I don't give a damn if you waste half your life by praying to a sky-daddy. But don't come here to preach how we should respect your views and shit when you don't do the same in return. Preach about "content warnings" and "despising atheists" on a catholic forum, where people will actually give a damn.Last modified on 2019-06-15 at 00:59
#60 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-15 at 01:00
Well i guess God delivered divine punishment and killed Light for their blasphemy. Wonder how RPG companies manage to dont invoke his wrath.
#61 by lordnight
2019-06-15 at 03:25
So that's what happened? God is scary eh.
#62 by beliar
2019-06-15 at 09:50
I thought this thread was locked already lol
I hoped the thread will die by itself without any need to take action. And for a time it looked like it did, but our glorious necromancer here pulled a Lazarus in order to repeat the same points he expressed before.

I can see that this zombie has lost any semblance of a proper conversation, and basically devolved into personal insults, as can be seen in #55. Moreover, a forum on a database that is probably 85% dedicated to porn is really not a place to spread the word of your lord and saviour.

Locked and The Flying Spaghetti Monster be with you my brethren.


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