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#1 by kyousukekoyomi
2019-03-10 at 13:57
< report >Will there be any English patch? if there is then please tell me.
#2 by harp
2019-03-10 at 14:13
< report >link
Company has an official English partner, so an official release would be more likely.
#3 by rydernia
2019-10-25 at 21:34
< report >Considering the climate off western vn industry, it's very unlikely due to loli presence.Last modified on 2019-10-25 at 21:34
#4 by failures
2019-10-26 at 04:13
< report >@#3

Not that I necessarily disagree with you, but how did Maitetsu and Onikiss get a translation then?Last modified on 2019-10-26 at 04:14
#5 by being
2019-10-26 at 18:26
< report >Those were the "very unlikely" ones that actually happened against all odds, I guess?


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