Butchered EN release vs PS3/Vita CRUISE SIGN

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#1 by zetabnr32
2019-03-11 at 02:56
< report >Finding out about the JPN all-ages "CRUISE SIGN" release has led me to ask......

Has anyone compared, for example, Ageha's route from the butchered EN release to that in the all-ages JPN release?
#2 by kingking00
2019-03-11 at 14:01
< report >Ageha route was cut.
#3 by kiru
2019-03-11 at 14:24
< report >It wasn't.
#4 by adamstan
2019-11-09 at 12:41
< report >I am reading Cruise Sign right now. So far, I finished and compared Kotori's route, and it is identical between all-ages PC version (IMHHW) and Cruise Sign. Currently I'm on Ageha's route, so after finishing it I will compare it with PC version too.Last modified on 2019-11-09 at 12:42
#5 by adamstan
2019-11-20 at 10:29
< report >Ok, update - Ageha's route in console version is also identical to English release, both when it comes to scenario and CGs.

The route in PC version seems "butchered" because of shitty translation that makes no sense in many parts, but content-wise they are the same.


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