Last Weekend Game Review

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#1 by rastafoo
2019-03-11 at 21:36
The hentai content is minimal and ruins the mood set by the horror elements. Someone was just murdered in the kitchen, and Alice’s first response was to get on her knees and start gagging on dick! Featured sex positions include simple blowjobs, and standing sex, followed by the male cumming all over the female’s perky breasts. It’s repetitive and predictable. In mild ecchi scenes, like when the girls are showering, or changing clothes, they look good.

In the best scene of the game, a guy peeps on a girl showering. She knows he’s there and gives a seductive show to please him. She washes her legs, then turns to the side to give him some delicious side-boob. But when they have sex, all of that passion is gone, and you’re left with two character models panning up and down on screen to simulate sex.

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