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#1 by kidbuu25
2019-03-12 at 15:47
Just finished the game and I had 1 question. Is Ria's true route in this game completely unrelated to her route in the original game? In her original route she and MC were supposed to be dating a while before the christmas party but in this one they started to date after that.

I have come to a conclusion this is their after growing up past self which have witnessed the green flash miracle. Therefore Ria could get pregnant and stayed alive after that. And this miracle could only happen because they took the box which MC threw into the lake in original route. That box must has saved up all of their memories sadness, happiness and desperation which became main factor to trigger the miracle.

This seems like a too much convenient way to give her an alternate happy ending but not that I'm complaining since I'm more than happy as long as my fav heroine Ria can have a happy ending.

This is just my personal opinion on this which is the only way I could think of to link both routes from the original and this one. Does anyone have any other explanation or did I miss something here?Last modified on 2019-03-12 at 15:48
#2 by koichi
2019-03-13 at 00:44
i would say that this game is more like a sequel based in another/alternative timeline after ria ending in original game, since the common route in the FD clearly showed a difference with the common route in original game.

the box is simply a message containing their memories (albeit hazy) the way i see it, nothing more. the reason for the miracle is caused by a greenflash plus some god works from a shrine that held a legend pertaining to happiness.....both of this miracle is explained in Sylvia and Ria Append if you read it carefully.
#3 by kidbuu25
2019-03-13 at 13:18
So it's mostly same as my thought. However I would like to think both 2 routes from the original and this one are linked somehow by that box. From Ria's append they talked about how you can send message to your past self which has something to do with the lake. Therefore I'm still thinking of this Ria route (Not including the common route since we are already clear it doesn't relate to the original route at all) is their grown up past self after receiving the message (The box) from themselves of the original game. And it was explicitly shown at the end of Ria's route in the original game.

And I did know about the miracle from both Ria and Sylvie's append but my question is why didn't it happen in the original game? There must be some condition to trigger it but that's the god only knows thing so we can only guess it with little info we have. After all what I could only think of is the box which carries their precious memories and the miracle itself back to the past to give them 1 more chance to be happy or I should say their feelings have moved the god to do so. In the end it's all about the box lol.

Well maybe thing is not this much complicated but I still like to think so since it's more interesting, isn't it?

P.S: I see we used to discuss about the original game a bit too at this place so I'm glad to see you again my fellow VN reader :DLast modified on 2019-03-13 at 13:24
#4 by koichi
2019-03-13 at 14:26
They are linked, yes.

As to why the miracle didn't happen in the original game, this is just my opinion, is because they (sagaplanet) intended from the first that ria die in original game and that's that. No miracle or supernatural element added, simply just a story about a girl who continue to walks in thin ice in her life yet live her life filled with happiness, knowing anytime she can pass away. At this point, i think sagaplanet doesn't have any plan for FD, until probably fans request for it.

Hence, we get the FD that come with original heroine appends, and additional route that include ria happy ending. To make that happy end, they include a supernatural, superstition, or god work, whatever it is to make the miracle happen. And regarding whether the box is the trigger for the miracle or not, maybe yes, maybe not. After all, the box only contain memories. while the miracle that happens is caused by combination of greenflash and some shrine blessing.

P.S.: you're welcome bro
#5 by kidbuu25
2019-03-13 at 16:25
It's all good now but I think Saga Planets really did plan a FD from the beginning since the secret CG of Ria's wedding was already included in the original game as foreshadowing but who knows? Maybe it was just a bonus after all.

By the way I just read Ria's route in the FD once again and yep both routes were linked exactly because kid Ria got the reminiscence of their original reality the moment she got hit by the green flash from the start of her true route. How did I forget that lol.Last modified on 2019-03-13 at 16:42


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