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#1 by celticchi
2019-03-13 at 08:54
Fellas I can't get into any of the EX routes.
I finished the first part of the game and also Refrain, I played all of the bad ends and replayed the main heroines twice, but still can't get into any route of the Ecstasy version even if I follow the walkthrough.

Don't know what to do.
I have the EX version, not the Memorial nor the Perfect, and it has that partial english patch installed
#2 by funnerific
2019-03-13 at 12:36
I think I heard something about the English patch blocking the EX content for some reason? Just get a fresh Japanese version of the game and say you know the secret of the world, it's what I did.
#3 by harp
2019-03-13 at 12:40
Seeing as the Ecstacy download edition is newer than the English Ecstacy patch, it might not work with it. Happens from time to time that coding is different for different releases.
I don't have any LB release in my collection, so I can't really help, sorry.
Fluffy has gone official, so you'd be unlikely to receive support for this particular patch from them as well.Last modified on 2019-03-13 at 12:41
#4 by adamstan
2019-03-13 at 13:05
I'm still amazed that some people want to read horrible KEY's h-scenes so badly :P

Just give up on them (they're not worth it) and get official english edition. It has all EX content minus atrocious h-scenes.Last modified on 2019-03-13 at 13:06
#5 by funnerific
2019-03-13 at 15:58
Some of them are horrible, like Komari's H, but Saya's H was just fine really.


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