Problem with some Otome games

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#1 by fare67t
2019-03-13 at 21:21
As someone that is basically a transgender inside, I find reading VNs from the opposite gender's point of view to be interesting (also hillarious in some cases with the Reverse-harems girls find themselves wrapped up in).
...That being said however, there are some things I find rather...well, stupid about some Otome trends.
1.) The act of "if the girl in question during eroge even REMOTELY enjoys the sex, she is branded as a slut". Girls can get enjoyment out of sexual encounters too ye know.
2.) all the more fetishy routes such as Rape being sometimes forced. I know its common in games to have a Good ending, bad ending, and a kind of 'meh' ending, but come on now, forced rape encounter if you chose the wrong one?
3.) somewhat fits with 2: the usual lack of "nice" endings. Perhaps im too vanilla or such, but I get annoyed when almost NO VNs out there have an ending like: "the girl gets with the guy she really likes, they possibly marry and get her pregnant, happy end". nope, instead I tend to see more "girl gets fucked so much her mind breaks" or "man leaves her" kind of things.

Now, I'm sure if I looked hard enough, id find ones that address the points above, but the fact that the problems are so prevalant....ech~
#2 by ramaladni
2019-03-13 at 22:38
I read this study on otome games and what otome game players want. You might find it interesting link
#3 by sinx
2019-03-13 at 23:51
A quick look through the most well rated VN's with the otome tag has me come to a conclusion that most of them are actually vanilla and not even eroges to begin with. Way you're talking makes it seem like what you're mentioning is the norm and not the exception?

Hell, from what I can gather, most otomes aren't even eroges.

Where did you gather such "trends" if I may ask? link take a look there and you will see what I mean. It seems like you've been going through more nukiges that have female MC's, which are just about getting the girl fucked, instead of actual otomes.Last modified on 2019-03-13 at 23:53
#4 by jikorde
2019-03-14 at 01:25
Yeah, it definitely sounds like you are are purposely reading nukige or sex focused otome, since what you are describing is actually very rare outside of those. Unless you are actually talking about RPG Maker corruption games, which aren't otome games and are meant to be focused on that kind of stuff.

Otome in general is the third thing you note. Most routes end romantically with her getting together with whoever the focus was, with a couple of bad ends where someone is dead sprinkled around. Your claim that almost no VN's have happy endings sounds like you are somehow avoiding an incredibly large number of VN's as almost every english otome has happy endings. Even most 18+ otome have happy endings even if the sexual stuff is bit questionable.
#5 by bobjr2000
2019-03-14 at 05:43
I don't really read otome and one of big reason is lack of heavy sexual content. The more popular story orientated seem to have little to no sexual content so might wanna try regular vn if just curious about opposite point of view.

as for eroge all categories tend to having something lacking that annoys most of us.


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