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#1 by buchouchinke
2019-03-15 at 07:18
Title. Looking for a romantic VN where the main heroine or at least one of the female main characters are muscular girls/bodybuilders.
#2 by freshift
2019-03-15 at 07:35
The Guts! would be the closest to your specification.
#3 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-15 at 09:33
Well i guess you could try Youkoso Sukebe Elf, the dark elves in that game are all the muscular type but only Elda really is the "rough and fit" archetype character.
There is also marguerite no Jutan where the main heroine is the fit female warrior, though you can either romance her or corrupt her (The later isnt rape or anything, its just that it follows a master and slave dynamic).

If you want english then i can only think of Tropical Liquor where you can date Kei, the fit tanned tomboy. Though that game isnt a VN with heavy writing but its short and sweet.
#4 by buchouchinke
2019-03-17 at 02:05
English and Japanese are fine. Thank you.
#5 by bobjr2000
2019-03-17 at 02:17
They are rare, these only 2 come to mind. first has more of fit athletic type as central heroine. Second one probably closer to body builder.

Motoyan no Oku-san wa Suki Desu ka? ~Tsuyoki na Hitozuma-san to Ecchi de Shoubu! Sexy Tsuma mo Iru yo~

Kasshoku Kyonyuu no Onna Senshi Marguerite no Junan!?
#6 by shonenkun
2019-03-31 at 16:58
I can't think of any romantic (!) visual novels with that. I mean, some eroge have romantic stories, but you mentioned visual novels only, so I'll say that I don't think there's many... maybe one of the Grisaia novels? There's a prequel and one of the girls looks quite fit. Keep in mind that I haven't played it myself because I disliked the main character...

Now, it's much easier with eroge.
Gyaru girls are muscular most of the time, you can find them with "older sister" tag and "gyaru" (or "gal", I don't remember how it is on this web-site).

The Guts is a good suggestion but they overdid the muscular point. She barely looks like a woman there. Though, The Guts has a few good milf scenes... but again, it was just pretty annoying to see the cover-girl. She's pretty much Guts from Berserk or Zoro from One Piece and once you notice that, it's impossible to unsee, haha.

You can also look into JAV, there's quite a few JAV movies that have fit muscular girls. Let me know if you need help with JAV.... and actually, JAV has a story, too so if you know Japanese or at least some words, you'll be able to follow it.
But yeah, vn and eroge aren't blessed with muscular girls, sadly.
#7 by eacil
2019-03-31 at 19:30
Don't listen to those guys. Apart from The Guts!, they are all terrible advices for someone who wants Buchou Chinke quality of muscle. I said nothing until now but like they are trying to sell you gyaru, I couldn't stay in the shadow anymore. -__-

Unfortunately, I can't think of any VN which will satisfy you. Even the Guts I played, which was The Guts! -Maximum Maternity!- (I mean, look at this awesome promising cover!), was unsatisfying because 3.5/6 characters are not even with muscle. It was so disappointing to have to put up with a MILF and a loli.
The only other character I can think of with a good build is Helga but imo Erectlip is garbage because too retarded. (And you are looking for a romantic story so don't think about it.)
The best you will find here is athletic build and you will be lucky to even have visible abdominals instead of just a firm belly.

I reviewed the whole Muscular trait when I was specifically searching for this kind of character and it ended up being such a pity. A lot of tagged characters made me laugh. Recently, Aoi Laura caught my eyes but I don't know you 'cause I am not a fan of little builds. Also Odette Malencon looks great but it's all-age and I don't think romance is the point. Edit: also the girls in Maggot Baits look great but can't say for sure like I am avoiding spoilers like a plague.

I would be happy to be refuted but I fear this thread will end up in the same kind of dead end as the BBW thread.Last modified on 2019-03-31 at 19:39
#8 by kratoscar2008
2019-04-01 at 00:49
A shame that Zero G Academy died. They were going to release a version with a focus on the Onis who were all fit and muscular. They dwarfed the MC. But as i said it bit the dust. RIP.

Oh yeah also remembered in Aku no Onna Kanbu 2 there is Shurahime who is a huge fit Oni who also goes to the gym. It has rape but its more of comedic rape that slowly evolves into romance.
#9 by ffthewinner
2019-04-01 at 17:29
yeah,suggesting gyaru for someone who wants muscle is weird lol. they are totally unrelated XD
#10 by bobjr2000
2019-04-01 at 19:18
She seems muscular to me.

#11 by kratoscar2008
2019-04-01 at 19:51
He is probably on the circus freak spectrum. Lovers of fit/muscular girls usually usually are separated between realistic and others with the overblown type.
Reminds me of tomboy lovers where some just like the personality part and others the looking like a male type.
#12 by shonenkun
2019-04-04 at 16:32
#10 don't bother. : )
#13 by buchouchinke
2019-04-06 at 04:52
Late reply.

I agree with #7. For such promising VN concept, what a shame.

#6 That's the beauty of it; overly muscular yet still feminine.

Thank you for all your suggestions.
For the love of muscular girls!



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#14 by eacil
2019-04-06 at 08:57
Sorry but I am in Team Vice and it pisses me so much that Buchou Chinke prefers Leona. :(
#15 by eacil
2019-04-15 at 20:34
獣欲のメス肉英雄譚 got released today but I am really not a fan of rui.
Made me want to check what dlsite has in store and, it's goddamn pitiful. 53 results with 筋肉 and for some reason Little Busters! is in the results.
#16 by usagi
2019-04-15 at 21:11
There is special tag for that:
Muscular Heroine


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