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#1 by beliar
2019-03-19 at 22:07
I have removed your ability to edit, due to a load of frankly baffling edits made by you. I have to assume you are either a troll or a completely uninformed person, who didn't take even a few minutes to acquaint yourself with our editing guidelines. Either way, you needed to be stopped.
If you are the latter case, please read our FAQ and take a few hours to check the other people edits, in order to see what you did wrong.
Respond to this thread and your ban will be lifted, if you promise to follow the appropriate guidelines. If you fail to do that, I'll assume you are a troll and the ban will stay in effect indefinitely.
#2 by soniccis96
2019-03-20 at 13:47
Sleigh off! I did only one "mistake", but this isn't a reason for access restriction. You want to eliminate me at once - delete my account and block my IP, okay?Last modified on 2019-03-20 at 14:46
#3 by beliar
2019-03-20 at 19:31
So, you are going forward with this attitude... -.-'
You didn't make one mistake - you made 11 erroneous edits that had to be reverted by a moderator. I restricted your editing rights in order to prevent any more mistaken edits until you get a chance to check the faq and see how other people are editing the database.
Unfortunately, it seems you are one of those people that don't play well in a public sandbox. The restriction of your editing rights was purely practical and was not an attack against your person, but you seem to have immediately developed a hostile attitude.
All you needed to do in order to have your rights returned was to show you are able to learn from your mistakes. However, with your current behaviour I'm not inclined to return you to the fold. The ban stays until you develop a different sort of attitude.
#4 by shinnew
2019-03-21 at 10:30
An user with the exact same username has been banned from another wiki for repeatedly trying to insert false information. link

I wouldn't give him the benefit of doubt.
#5 by soniccis96
2019-03-24 at 14:22
Just a match.
#6 by soniccis96
2019-03-24 at 14:23
For any questions about Yusup Dalmaz and JKL Furukawa see please link. This is an evidence that my edits are errorneously reverted.
#7 by soniccis96
2019-03-25 at 08:29
I already read the following guidelines. If you still not believe me, see link or just delete my account and block my IP. Your website engine allows to delete accounts rather that Wikipedia.
#8 by beliar
2019-03-25 at 18:24
I'm one hundred percent sure the information in your link is a complete fiction and has no bearing on reality. No, I will not believe that a composer for yer olden JP games is some Turkish dude, or that the publisher for those JP games is a Turkish company. Just accept that your edits were rightfully reverted and move on.

I'm personally all for giving people second chances (not so much third ones), so I have unbanned you, but I'm watching you closely. An attempt to give moderators additional work with erroneous edits based on dubious Russian sources will get you a banhammer again.
#9 by soniccis96
2019-03-27 at 14:32
Just delete my account if possible (it IS possible, I am webmaster and seen your source code, here is "Delete this account" feature) if you want. After this, see this link for further information. Also see Amazon link for an evidence that MetroVG exists.Last modified on 2019-03-27 at 14:34
#10 by yorhel
2019-03-27 at 16:36
You don't really need to go through the source code; The account deletion procedure is mentioned in our privacy policy.
#11 by beliar
2019-03-27 at 17:17
Oh, I have no doubt that Yusup Dalmaz or MetroVG exist. However, the only game that can be actually linked to them is Venus Force Five - a Sailor Moon prequel beat-them-up. I only contest the fact that those entities had anything to do with the "Custom" company or "Teen" and "Star Platinum" games. The information you used to make those edits came from a very dubious source.

Anyway, I don't really understand why you have gotten angry about being temp banned, but if you really want to have your account deleted, just post in the following thread to make the request official (t10646), and I or Yorhel will take care of it.
#12 by soniccis96
2019-03-27 at 20:34
OK, but I said about account deletion just for information. I don't want to close it now. Zeta Team forum's BOFH just deleted my account and added my IP address range in the blacklist instead of permanent ban after 3 temporary bans - just he hate me. I'll search more info about Yusup Dalmaz and send to you, you'll check and post it yourself. Do you agree? And I'll ask you when I'll find suspicious activity.Last modified on 2019-03-28 at 13:48
#13 by beliar
2019-03-27 at 22:09
I'll search more info about Yusup Dalmaz and send to you, you'll check and post it yourself. Do you agree?
#14 by jazz957
2019-03-28 at 16:26
Here's a link to his Youtube page link which I think just makes it more clear this is wrong.


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