Yet another VN review/commenting, by Finitos

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#1 by finitos
2009-02-18 at 20:09
Hi, Finitos here. This time with a review of the VN, Brave Soul.

I can discribe this game with two very simple words.

WARNING! If you are offended by harsh language of any kind, then I advice you not to read this review any further, because it gets a little ugly, yes, it's THAT bad of a game. I have also been told to say, that this is more of a personal commentary then a real review, it's really a bit of both. So some opinions may be considered onesided. Still this is my way of doing things. I consider these, the more, "entertaining"-type. And so I may start writing normal reviews later on. But for now, expect more of these coming.

I have never played a VN this bad. It's almost pathetic if you don't find anything else than this game to play because, I mean. Even if I was a serious VN-geek/otaku, and I had played almost everything there is to play. I still would barely be able to play this game to the end. I just played this game for the sake of reviewing.

So I usualy start off with the art.
There isn't so much to say about it really, at least nothing positive.
It just sucked plain ass, just like the rest of the game. First of all. It's more like a lame game for SNES than a VN for the pc. Like, 80%-90% of the game looks like pokémon games for the gameboy. Just check out the first screenshot on v117 and you will know what I mean.
Sure, sometimes there is a CG, you can look these up among the screenshots as well. But these aren't that good either.
First, they have few details. Second, they are very few. Third, the images are unusualy bright. Fourth, and this is probably me just being very pessimistic at the time. But the images don't appeal to me at all, I don't like the proportions, and things like that. There are so much better CGs out there.

Music and sound effects.
The music didn't suck just as bad as the art. I could probably say that the music was the least "suckysh" of all other aspects. Still it wasn't good. They had some effects, but few, just like the CGs. They weren't that bad either, still it was bellow average. Probably a 4 if judging just the music.

Mood, effects and other visualizing elements, as well as battle system.
Oh god, where to start.
The mood sucked (yes, I say that a lot in this review). I didn't feel excited during any time that I was playing. The characters didn't move almost at all. They look like lego when they walk around, and even the pokémon games have better animations than this!
One thing that is a pluss though, and this is probably the only pluss. Is that you can have a party of fighters. They actualy have some kind of AI, though not a very good one, but still. You have different attacks/spells, and you can get equipment and things for your characters. There are not that many VNs that go so for as to put that in. Still, the other elements make this look pritty bad anyway.
Some of the options you get to choose are just meaningless. Like when your at an inn. You get to choose either, to sleep, or not to sleep. But even if you pick NOT, to sleep. You still can't do anything. You can walk around and look at the ugly pixels, that's pritty much what you can do.
I could have understood the games qualities if it was released about sometime during 1990-1998.
But the thing that ticks me off is that IT'S NOT THAT OLD! It was released in japan, 2001. That's a really bad acomplishment. I wouldn't even call it that. This game is a failure.

Last, we have the story, and other random aspects.
The story is corny, really. It doesn't apeal to me for 5 cents.
So the protagonist gets kicked out by his father, and becomes a... wait for it...
hunter. Someone that hunts monster and what not. I mean. Seriously?

So in conclusion, I rate this game a seriously weak 3. This game is one teeny tiny aspect away from being rated lower. The reason I didn't give it a 2 or even a 1, is that it still has some few good points. Still, this is not something I recommend playing, at all. If you are desperate and like fighting ugly trolls that can't do shit against you becasue your so damn overpowered. Then by all means, go ahead and play it. Everyone else do well in letting this game dust untill you get truely desperate.

Be sure to check out other reviews by me, just check out my profile. I do apreciate if you can give me some kind of feedback. I'm trying to improve my reviewing skills as much as possible.
If you don't have feedback then it's ok, but if you liked the review, I would apreciate a "thank you" or something, just so that I know that my reviews are being read, it keeps me going.

Have a good one.Last modified on 2009-02-22 at 18:09
#2 by alexdc
2009-08-09 at 00:33
Hey, dont judge by how it looks. Look to release date - 2001!! Eight years!! What you're waiting for?

But, nevertheless, this game have some fun :)
I've never play the that sort of easy and ugly rpg with a lot of humor inside XDDD

Instead of above, I recommend this game for all who dont hate old-school games.
#3 by gabezhul
2009-08-09 at 14:44
Well, I played this game a long time ago (wonder why I haven't put it in my list... hmm... -.-' (corrected =P)) and I think it's a fairly good game. I cannot complain about the graphics, since I've grown up on SNES. I think they are quite nostalgic and stylish (though the animations are BAD).

This game has a lot more depth about it than what the surface shows. For example: The inn, that was mentioned, has a LOT of uses. You can advance with the relationships with the girls once you booked a room (they tell you where they go, just follow them! :P), and even the "Stay more" option has meaning, since sometimes you have to wait for a mission. Let's take an example:

You go after the red-haired sorceress (I can't remember her name, I've said I played this a while ago). But she is deadly afraid of ghosts, so when you try to take up a quest with the undead, she LEAVES THE PARTY. I think I don't have to say, but this is not what you want. So, you have to take another quest. But what if there's no other quest...? Well, then you have to wait. Where? IN THE INN! =P

This is just a simple example. As I said, the game has a lot of fine points, but in the end it all boils down to two things: Power-Leveling and Hack-n-Slash gameplay... Neither is my favorite, so I stick with the easy difficulty and the VN parts.

I actually liked the protag. He was a little silly, but showed some development, and he was a well informed inhabitant of the world instead of the kind of idiot who doesn't even know how to tie his shoes.

Overall, I liked this game a lot when I played it the first time. Back then I had enough time to get all the endings and secret characters. Too bad that, without a proper walkthrough one can spend an eternity with this game without a clue about the relationship-system and other stuff...

(And a few words directed right for you, Finitos:
This is NOT a "3" game. It's worth at least 6 or 7. I found your "review" painfully one-sided. This is one of the games that barely qualify as VN. It's rather an Action-RPG with VN elements. And you made no comments about the game mechanics, the battles, the difficulty settings, the new game+, etc...

My tip of the day: Objectivity! Don't throw a game away just because you didn't like it, and don't play a game for review's sake.Last modified on 2017-02-26 at 13:48
#4 by haruhi-ism
2010-06-01 at 19:32
The game was going for a nostalgic old school RPG appeal, not an over the top dramatic Visual Novel. I'd say the game is pretty good at what it's supposed to be, but it's problem is that it's compared to everything it's not supposed to be.
#5 by mastag
2011-05-28 at 20:18
This game wasn't too bad.

The only thing that really dissapointed was less story and tooooo long and repetitive gameplay. But either than that it didn't mess up that badly.

The plot was good. he protag is kick ass - butt the way the relationships revolve around the main characters is a bit too fast. I'd say with such splendid art I wouldn't of minded 2 more h-scenes for every character ^^

CG was great.

The only thing that REALLY frustrated my balls was when you circled through some dungeon 600 times untill you found out where to go.

And the absemce of real humour and a male buddy also sucked. Even his dragon is a hot female -.-
#6 by hiwa
2011-06-05 at 01:58
It's quite a good game, considering its age.

Gameplay was a bit repetitive I have to admit, and the replay-ability was only existent because of the various endings, but the storyline was good. The fact that the gameplay didn't consist of constant clicking to read some more (although you DO click to move, attack, etc.) was a refreshing change.

Music... urgh, please, I had iTunes on the background the entire time.

CG had better quality than most recent VNs, and the H-scenes weren't there in unnecessary amounts: you had to work for them and by the time it does happen the characters know each other to such an extent that you'd be surprised if they didn't.

Verdict: good, has a special place in the nook of my black heart ^_^ 8/10
#7 by sizzin
2013-03-24 at 17:14
IMO, it's quite a good game. Not anything amazing but still.
I agree it's somewhat weak, but how was the first visual novel RPG I've ever played, I think it's pretty bearable. I mean, it would be amazing if the story development was like Fate/Stay Night or so. But by release year and the elements present in the game, in my opinion, had a good balance.
#8 by tiglath
2013-03-24 at 19:31
Wow, I've forgotten I played this.

It's a pretty average game. Plot is decent when you play for the first time. I liked the girls, CGs are also good - not technically extraordinary, but they fit my taste. The self-proclaimed rival you keep stumbling into was quite hilarious.

The weakest element of this game is its gameplay. During your first playthrough it doesn't seem too bad, but when you replay the game multiple times to complete other routes it gets tedious and pointless. All I did was holding auto button and watching stiff animations of my party hacking away enemies in fast-forward. There are higher difficulties but all they changed for me is that I had to hold the button for quite a while longer, which was even more boring. Dungeons are repetitive and too long. I think the game would be much better if they went with turn-based or tactical combat instead of real time. Oh, music and sound effects were atrocious.

Overall, that's 5-6/10 for me.Last modified on 2013-03-24 at 19:33
#9 by samarrin
2013-03-25 at 00:10
this game was good for me too considering its age.
u can expect something amazing of a game from 12 years ago
#10 by bobjr2000
2017-07-15 at 08:13
Honestly it was a pretty decent game considering time it came out. If it has pokemon gameplay that didn't have color til 2001 that is pretty impressive for a game that revolves around sex/porn considering budget.They give game play element plus the sex. I can understand not liking the genre of game its self. But comparing to real video games at time its only a year or two behind. Compare it to diablo 2 at time while still not as good its still not that bad which came out 2000.

Is the game very dated with the art and other aspects yes. But its old game that does more than be expected to most vn.
#11 by takuyaagain
2019-01-20 at 02:52
I made an account for 2 reasons:
1) Because I learned Kanno Hiroyuki is tied to YU-NO and has passed away.
2) Because of this post. I haven't played this game yet, but if you have played anything from the 90's like Dragon Knight 3 or Emerald Dragon on the PC-88/X68000 you will see the graphic design for character sprites is similar.

Also the artwork in this game and the CGs are a step above most of the competition. Even by today's standards...

So... If you want to complain about something:
1) Complain about how the artwork in the new YU-NO remake doesn't hold a candle to the original.
2) How most artwork in these types of games suck in comparison to artists like Satoshi Urushihara, and the quality has declined rapidly as the years progress.
3) How we should expect more useful content for real life from these types of games.

I judged this game so far based on its box art and some screen shots. It's quite good considering it's time and environment, and is passable with some favorable remarks to be noted while added to my collection. I wouldn't rate it quite as high as something classic like Exodus Guilty, most Elf games, or Eve series, but it is no where near as terrible as most cgi slapped together games today, and seemingly on above or below certain JAST titles. The fact of the matter is many of these types of games never meet their artistic potential and quality art like Urushihara's and others such as Konami's is either to expensive or time consuming to put into these games.
#12 by rinchan3853
2019-08-29 at 03:09
Don't bother playing this if on Windows 10, no directdraw support means no movies will play on any setting for the visual novel.
#13 by rick12
2019-09-24 at 21:29
Interesting. What's going on here? Is it decent?
#14 by sanahtlig
2019-09-24 at 23:27
My compatibility guide documents that Brave Soul can be played in Windows 10. It just takes some workarounds.

Brave Soul is a pretty good action H-RPG. It's one of my favorites from that era. If you don't like gameplay then obviously this game won't be for you.Last modified on 2019-09-24 at 23:28
#15 by rick12
2019-09-25 at 01:40
@14 I see. Are there any flaws with it, despite it being a good action H-RPG? Do you remember any of the heroine endings and what happened in them?Last modified on 2019-09-25 at 01:40
#16 by sanahtlig
2019-09-25 at 03:50
It's been 15 years since I played the game. No, I don't remember the details of all the endings. I do remember that I was interested enough in the various routes to get all the heroine endings, even after I'd cleared the highest difficulty and the gameplay had become redundant. I hardly ever stay interested enough in a game to pursue all the endings, so I must've liked it quite a lot.Last modified on 2019-09-25 at 03:54
#17 by rick12
2019-09-25 at 04:12
@16 I see, okay then. It's great that you like the game nonetheless.
#18 by rick12
2019-09-25 at 21:45
@16 It's kind of old though, there's no argument about that, right?Last modified on 2019-09-25 at 21:45
#19 by sanyabane
2019-11-08 at 10:08
This game has wonderful MIDI ost. I want to replay the game just for it


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