Should i wait for steam version?

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#26 by poudink
2021-09-11 at 19:23
< report >Again? Christ, there has to be something they're not telling. "Server issues" does not delay something by 2+ months. Did they state when they're delaying to, at least?
#27 by sonicokyu
2021-09-13 at 15:13
< report >The fan-translation is fine anyways. From what I'm playing, it reads well and most importantly, it doesn't contain any weird mistranslation or error like for example, Cross+Channel, lol. There's a few parts that would need a bit of polishing and some questionable meme lines, but it's hardly an issue anyways.

The translator is quite good from what I understand and the only reason they don't like it that much along with the editor is because it's an old project and standards rise along with time. Even high-tier translators like Makoto feel some of their older work is open to improvement or a new translation, so it's not really a bad thing and as long as the translation is accurate (which it is), there's not really an issue.Last modified on 2021-09-14 at 00:50


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