I can't find that VN

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#1 by kuramitsuha
2019-04-06 at 15:26
Well...Some years ago (Two or Three at least) I was searching Visual Novels to play. I stumbled upon 5~6 I liked, listed them and played only some.

But there's one I really liked the concept and story, but can't really remember its name. Already searched around for 1 hour and didn't found nothing...So I came here! Heheh.

As I remember:

It's a yuri game. The MC is a quite "bitch-y" girl that lives very attached with her social life, but out o the blue her childhood friend appears wearing kimono. In reality they are there to rescue her, because there's demons bordering to come.
Basically they go to the countryside, for her start learning how to fight these demons. And at the end of the Prologue, a incredibly thick mist falls under Tokyo and finally the demons arrive.

Another little details: The MC has orange hair. The Fox Demons have a rank that goes for their tails, and the strongest one have wings.

Hell, I really liked this game...It could be a good anime too.

Anyone knows this?
#2 by bakauchuujin
2019-04-06 at 15:32
Sounds like Ne no Kami - Kyou no Miyako to Futari no Hime Kishi.Last modified on 2019-04-06 at 15:33
#3 by kuramitsuha
2019-04-06 at 15:35
Exactly! That's it! Thanks ma Friend! You've saved my day, and probably....My week.


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