What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?

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#26 by sanahtlig
2019-04-30 at 03:41
That's like saying the poor wants to be rich, but the rich wants to be poor too.
The problem with analogies as an argumentative tactic is that they're a nesting ground for false equivalence, and often more relevant to the speaker than his audience. "I don't understand the difference" is an appeal for an explanation, not support for an argument.Last modified on 2019-04-30 at 03:50
#27 by goblincrutch
2019-04-30 at 05:30
I guess if I had to elaborate further, what I mean is that people who live peaceful lives eventually begin to view it as boring and monotonous and start looking for ways to break the boring
streak and feel some thrill again. What better way to do that than to actively look for conflict? This is partly true for me too. When my life is going really well and I'm at peak contentment,
I find myself getting the urge to read more dramatic or action-filled VNs when normally I purposely avoid them. I also start to experiment with different hobbies for a healthy amount of challenge
against the unknown. Of course, I still keep up with my old interests but I start to enjoy the slight stress of learning something new.

In a less healthy fashion I also know people who came from well-off families and used their parents' money to become drug addicts or turned to crime purely for the thrill. One of them gave
up the life after dropping out of school and getting arrested. Only now are they trying to redeem their-self after finding out that the ghetto life as a drug dealer they romanticized so much
isn't so great after all. In other words, that person's thrill seeking turned their life upside down and now they have moved from seeking thrill and strife to the seeking comfort and peace boat
that I'm currently in.

I think cheaters and NTR fans might be in the thrill and strife seeking boat for this reason. Think for example of the cheaters out there who ruined what to other people was a perfect marriage.
The spouse was attractive and head-over-heels for them, they were doing well financially, the kids were well behaved and yet for some reason they decided to throw it all away. I think it's because they grew tired of the peaceful life and wanted the tingles.Last modified on 2019-04-30 at 06:21
#28 by bobjr2000
2019-04-30 at 15:29
#27 Not relating to ntr but might add different factors that lead to opposite. Some people like the peace and mundane which is why they keep same routine. for others they struggle so long to get to that point in life that when they do reach peaceful lives it can seem like paradise.

Just saying living a peaceful life doesn't mean it doesn't have its interests it might just be its interests doesn't appeal to you or others who do want more conflict. Whats exciting to some one might not be exciting to others.
#29 by aserdghgj
2019-05-01 at 16:28
my only complain about NTR work (VN,doujin,etc..) is that the heroine tend to be really beautiful that make you wish they don't end up with the disgusting cuck. Saeko from black lilith ore to saeko san to netorare mail in my opinion is the most beautiful milf heroine.Last modified on 2019-05-01 at 16:31


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