Where are these 3 scenes?

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#1 by shad905
2019-04-12 at 08:53
< report >I have played through the game 8 times getting all the endings in the process and clearing the Dreamland as well. I still have 3 h-scenes locked. Them being #3 in Other; #2 in App02, and #1 in App3 folders in the Eushally room menu.
Could someone please tell me how to get those 3 scenes? I want to 100% this game
#2 by sakurakoi
2019-04-12 at 10:12
< report >If it is about Scenes indeed, then (IIRC, has been a while~)

#3 in Other (1st column, 2nd row), requires the Devil Route, not saving one's parents and possibly exploring around that region.

#2 in App02... App02? I have it installed, yet neither do I have that folder nor do I remember anything missing. Just for reference... there are 65 scenes, no? Now if you mean Ver 2.0, then it is the "Good End" of Arterial Force Blade. Not quite sure how to reach it exactly but it should be simple enough.

#1 in App3 is simply the other side story with the Angels, though I do not recall how to start them or if it was indeed from a map, I don't know which but I recall finding those rather easily.

Since I already considered to play it again soon (did not have 2 endings), I'd rather not simply find the info on some wiki which one can easily find when one can oneself easily as well.
#3 by shad905
2019-04-12 at 10:47
< report >Thank you very much!
For the Other folder I didn't realize you could choose not to save them...
For App03 I messed writing this up from memory - I meant the last folder which is Ver2. I think I know where to look for that one though
For App02 I meant the second from the right folder - that's App03...

About using a wiki. I don't use guides for playing games - I'd rather ask people or continue searching myself
#4 by sakurakoi
2019-04-12 at 10:55
< report >
I meant the last folder which is Ver2.
Then I guess you simply do not have the other ending, again, i do not recall the conditions but it should not be too difficult.

Similarly, there is also another ending for one of the side stories. Now that I can not see it anymore (because I currently start from scratch), I can only suppose that it is the one where one loses in a certain fight.
#5 by shad905
2019-04-12 at 11:18
< report >Oh, now I think I know where to look for that one ,- thank you!
#6 by otakuvnovel
2019-05-14 at 01:03
< report >thank you :') I finally finished the game


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