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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2019-04-13 at 08:13
If any of you who have the remix version have no background music whatsoever on windows 10, running loopMIDI and SyFonOne with a soundfont such as GeneralUser GS will fix it. The BGM uses old MIDI files and getting old games to play these is a huge pain in the ass these days. Strangely the 1999 version has WAV files that work just fine, but they stupidly scrapped this feature in the rerelease.

Also the music stops when the game window is no longer selected, and can't be recovered until the program decides to replay it, like when you go back to the menu or the scene changes or something.
#2 by animedubamerica
2019-05-10 at 21:00
I need help. The entry says "Reverse-Trap Heroine" but I can't find the character who is the Reverse-Trap.
#3 by ramaladni
2019-05-10 at 22:49
@2 Your problem has been solved.
#4 by tomtheerogeman
2019-05-11 at 04:17
#2 I installed it but didn't actually read it yet, I'll do it once I finish my current VN.
#5 by tomtheerogeman
2019-06-09 at 07:36
K I started reading this yesterday and can confirm that Hayasaka Akira is the reverse trap. I kind of figured cuz I remembered the anime, however I wanted to make sure that she was a reverse trap in the VN as well. It's not obvious from the CGs though, you have to be able to read the script. She wears a sarashi so she looks flat in this game.Last modified on 2019-06-09 at 07:40


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