No translation at all?

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#1 by shadowalexandre
2019-04-15 at 21:09
Hi, I'm new at this site.

I really want to play V.G. NEO, however, I don't understand japanese or chinese.

A couple of years ago I played Xross Scramble, a game that shares characters with V.G. NEO, and it had a very good english translation.

So... Does anyone know if there is some sort of translation in progress, or at least some group interested in translating it?

Thanks in advance.
#2 by fuukanou
2019-04-15 at 21:16
If we knew about it, it would be on the VN's page.
#3 by shadowalexandre
2019-04-15 at 21:25
I see. Thank you.

Looks like I won't be playing this VN anytime soon, then...
#4 by alexlung
2019-04-15 at 22:20
You can always try out VNR, it's not perfect but you'll be able to understand the plot. If you know Kanji/ Japanese characters it would become even easier

Most likely a visual novel this old will probably never get translated
#5 by shadowalexandre
2019-04-15 at 23:03
Thanks for the suggestion. Never heard about VNR, I'll check it out.


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