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#76 by behappyeveryday
2020-02-09 at 06:39
@72 Many people consider it one of the best plot-twists in existence. It isn't just a solution for the mystery, it is the whole reason for everything to happen as it did. Nothing similar was ever done before Ever17, from what I know at least. The good plot twist should be :

1. Unexpected.
2. Not overused.
3. Changing your perspective on everything.

And this one does all of it perfectly. It also explains everything that happened in the novel. IDK what can be lacking in it. Maybe you just didn't like the rest of the novel. Or maybe for some people it is hard to understand how dimensions work. After all, if you have zero understanding of basic physics, then even after being explained about fourth dimension, it wouldn't make much sense to you.Last modified on 2020-02-09 at 06:41
#77 by zakashi
2020-02-09 at 13:35
#76 This "physics" this game presented is way too esoteric, i already read some physics books talking about this dimension stuff, and it lies a lot on imagination rather than evidence (nothing wrong with it, but when it comes to this type of physics i'm always a bit distrustful), including "universe in a nutshell", there is a part in the book that Stephen Hawking talks about how the universe would be if it were in 2 dimensions and 4 or more dimensions, and it is way too imaginative, as if i was reading a sci-fi book, and to make things worse, the way the game presented this Blick Winkel person, how he interacts with people from lower dimensions, how Coco interacts with him, all this amnesia stuff, all of this doesn't make any sense, i personally don't interpret this game as having some grounded physical material, they just take some of the ideas from theoretical physics and use their artistic license.

And it is not like the game requires you to understand physics to properly enjoy it, saying these people didn't enjoy what you enjoyed just because they're "dumber in physics" sounds a little presumptuous to me, good excuse to say that the game is for "smart people".Last modified on 2020-02-09 at 13:36
#78 by hybtranslation
2020-02-09 at 14:52
It's been a while since I read it, but I'm pretty sure that Ever17 was relatively hard SF. Off the top of my head, I remember:
*) Decompression & Helium
*) Stuff about cancer
*) The way LEMU destructs in some routes seems fairly reasonable

I do not think that Ever17 needed additional dimensions like String Theory or anything. If you take a closer look at Theory of Relativity, you'll see that Time and Space appear to be not that different, forming a 4dimensional spacetime. (And general relativity is still the best idea we have right now on what's happening on a macro scale)

Ever17 used that idea by introducing a being capable of looking at all 4 dimensions at once. The idea is not completely new, it has been used e.g. in "Slaughterhouse 5" or the movie "Arrival". However, Ever17 did something maybe even more smart with that idea.
#79 by zakashi
2020-02-09 at 15:14
#78 I'm talking about Blick Winkel, time travel, dimensional travel, this is the main sci-fi part of the game and it was very nonsensical, probably you can assume Tsugumi's ilness was more grounded and yeah i agree, not that i understand much about telomerers either way.Last modified on 2020-02-10 at 14:58
#80 by hybtranslation
2020-02-10 at 04:33
LOL, yeah same for me, I didn't even know before that telomeres existed. ^^

Regarding Blick Winkel, time travel, dimensional travel - was there any actual time/dimensional travel? I cannot remember a time machine or anything like that. They did try to fool Blickwinkel, kinda like you would fool a human by putting them into a room looking exactly like their own bedroom. I guess Blickwinkel is indeed a somewhat esoteric mix between a extradimensional being, a god, and the reader himself, but it was a pretty smart idea in my eyes, so I didn't mind.Last modified on 2020-02-10 at 04:36


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