Suggestion: Character voting system.

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#1 by norwegianboyee
2019-04-30 at 23:36
On the "my votes" list. How about adding the possibility to vote and rate characters as well as Visual Novels? It could be on a seperate tag in that section. Characters could also gain an ranking system for each game, allowing viewers to see which characters are the most popular for each game.
#2 by truetakuma
2019-05-01 at 05:11
Hell no.

Imagine how many bots and fake accounts would be created just to vote for their preferred loli heroine or lizard monster waifu from space?

People constantly give 10s for objectively bad and mediocre VNs. With a characters voting system things will just go downhill.
#3 by shining17
2019-05-01 at 05:31
Nope, bad idea and too redundant.
#4 by norwegianboyee
2019-05-01 at 08:47
Ok, just "favourite" character then?
#5 by krykry
2019-05-01 at 09:29
While I think it would be nice, it would also be a total nightmare to manage for the moderators, plus it would swell the database and traffic.
#6 by periah250
2019-05-04 at 03:51
i think we should do it but only for males just to piss people off XD
#7 by batoo
2019-05-04 at 08:22
#4 I already suggested the "favorite" system for characters about a year ago, and there was never any follow-up so I think you can forget about it :'(
#8 by zakashi
2019-07-08 at 16:11
I like the idea, i thought the exact same thing once, but the poll system is good too.


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