Episode two late?

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#1 by eltonan
2019-05-01 at 14:15
So they're making a sequel 15 years after the original release. Talk about striking when the iron is frozen solid.

Does anyone know how well has the Shuffle series aged? I seem to remember the series receiving a decent amount of attention a bit over a decade ago (to the point where it even got 2 anime adaptions) but it seems to have become forgotten in recent years.Last modified on 2019-05-01 at 14:23
#2 by ramaladni
2019-05-01 at 16:45
It's not all that uncommon for sequels to be released 10, 15 or even 20 years later. The original author/creator has passed away, so it won't be the same, though.
#3 by kiru
2019-05-01 at 18:08
They probably do that because of the total disaster that SPIRAL!! was. Should probably just let it RIP though.Last modified on 2019-05-01 at 18:09
#4 by tweek91330
2019-05-01 at 19:12
I am the only one to be happy that navel finally makes a game without a trap protagonist ?
So yeah that's surprising they make a sequel to shuffle but Ou jackson and Higashinosuke, i have to check this out when it release.Last modified on 2019-05-01 at 19:14
#5 by kiru
2019-05-01 at 21:23
^But they just did that with Kimi to Mezameru Ikutsuka no Houhou ? There's also Tasogare no Folklore coming out. You act, as if it's been an eternity they did non-trap stuff.
#6 by tweek91330
2019-05-02 at 07:46
Well yeah, there is only one game since 2011/2012 with a non trap protagonist. I feel it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say they did mostly trap stuff for quite a while.
I guess i should check Kimi to Mezameru Ikutsuka no Houhou though.

PS : I didn't know about Tasogare no folklore, i didn't check child branch of navel but there's no Ou jackson or Higashinosuke in those...
#7 by kiru
2019-05-02 at 08:12
^Duh. Jackson doesn't really do VNs anymore, and he will most likely have about as much to do with this game, as he had with their first trap game. Higashinosuke is mostly responsible for the trap stuff, so him doing something else is rather weird than anything else.

Navel was simply going on one writer for a while, and it seems like the trap stuff is his thing. I'm not entirely sure yet, how much Shuffle has of him either. I wouldn't be surprised, if these two names are just there for advertisement purposes. Which would obviously be rather bad, given Spiral, and a likely repeat of that happening.
We'll see. I don't think Shuffle needs this attention in the first place, though. It was never a particularly outstanding game in any way, and people even call the anime better.Last modified on 2019-05-02 at 08:14
#8 by niyari
2019-05-02 at 10:02
all i care about are the voice actors. i'm assuming this is going to be like the kazoku keikaku remake and have all new voice actors but if not then it's going to be very painful.

i don't know about you but i've had enough of Komari's voice for a lifetime.
#9 by tweek91330
2019-05-02 at 13:02

Well i don't necessary disagree with you tbh. I already know there's little chance that Jackson will do any more than what he did for tsukiyorisou but eh.. Let me hope a little xD.
But i'm not against seeing Higashinosuke doing non trap stuff, from what i played of Tsukiyorisou (luna route, after that i dropped the game because fashion and protagonist getting on my nerves), the writing was actually nice so why not ?
I guess we'll see anyways, as you said shuffle certainly wasn't an outstanding game (art wasn't bad though from what i remember) but i guess they still could do something with it.


Don't even talk about kazoku keikaku remake abomination, i don't know about voices but just looking at the sprite make me nauseous.
To be honest i don't even remember the voices in shuffle since i played the game a very long time ago.Last modified on 2019-05-02 at 13:03
#10 by shiny
2019-05-02 at 13:16
link Nishimata confirmed on Twitter that it's not Sia and Nerine on the teaser page, so my guess is the new game will focus on kids/relatives of the original heroines. (See Asa-senpai's ribbon on not!Nerine)

Assuming the original cast cameos in this game, I wonder how will they handle Asa, Nerine and Mayumi considering their original seiyuus have retired.

Also I never thought I'd say this but Suzuhira's art actually looks worse than Nishimata's, the off-kilter eyes on not!Nerine are seriously derpy. I don't understand why they've rushed this announcement now when Folklore is obviously barely done presumably due to Suzuhira being late.Last modified on 2019-05-02 at 13:21
#11 by freshift
2019-05-03 at 01:22
#3 Recall that this title's development was announced along with SPIRAL!!. SPIRAL!! was advertised as Shuffle 1.5 from the beginning and it's obvious that it was released to help building up hype for this title and not the otherwise. Not that it worked out well for them.
#12 by bobjr2000
2019-05-03 at 04:20
The company has been active so if they ran out of ideas not as weird they could start up a successful title again when ever. Not exactly same, but Disney have been doing sequels, live action, 3ds, remakes from movies easily over decade or more and still successful.
#13 by periah250
2019-05-04 at 03:49
personally the art looks fine and im excited but also apprehensive and unsure if it will be a passable sequel.
#14 by kuromath
2019-05-05 at 02:33
I wanna play this if Jackson is in fact involved
but i dont wanna play shuffle 1 :(
#15 by shiny
2019-12-21 at 20:52
>I wanna play this if Jackson is in fact involved
>but i dont wanna play shuffle 1 :(

Now that the plot summary & character profiles are out, it doesn't seem like the game has any direct plot connection to Shuffle 1, it's just reusing the setting.
Judging by the sample lines, Jackson is in charge of Kirara Kinoshita, AKA Ootori Naru ver 2.0, down to the same seiyuu.
#16 by skyliet
2020-02-07 at 17:38
After I read the summary from the official site, episode 2 has a direct connection to the first shuffle, however, apparently, a long time has passed, and the original main characters are mostly gone, only Primula remains T_T viva la loliLast modified on 2020-02-07 at 17:39
#17 by ayuto
2020-02-14 at 12:13
I love Ai and Nerine in this series. Seems there can be only Nerine in story as mother and Ai will be only part of Tick!Tack! game.

Characters remind some already know ones. But they are their children or relatives or something else?
Mc is Aioi Raito. He resemble mc of Shuffle! very strong. ...Son? Or new character?
From official description he is caring kind boy with big heart and a little dry attitude to strangers.

Anjou Kohaku can be daughter of Benibara Nadeshiko or Yae Sakura. But eyes colour have no match. More like she is just new character.
Still it seems she live with mc and is his sempai at school. She can be sister or relative of mc.
From official desciption she is older cousin and like to show "family love to him." She is sloth like but have good grades.

Kinoshita Kirara resemble Kaede's mother and Ruri Matsuri. Can be daughter of one of them. ...Yandere!?
From official description she was born in god realm and raised in demon realm. She have weak common sense of human world but really fast find needed assistance in mc.

Limes. She looks like Primula. Her daughter or new demon's reaseach project. ...emotionless and loli...
From official description she arrived to find love.

Lithia can be only daughter of Lisiantius or relative. I hope she is more like Cineraria and not Lisiantius cuz Lisiantius and her dead sister bring too many suffering to mc because they are extremely selfish. In her route mc was near dead in the end(or dead).
From official description she want to severe any relationships of gods and humans. He stance "human beings are harmful to the gods"...Tsundere? It is sad.

Nelia can be only daughter of Nerine or relative. I hope she is healing and good character like her mother, but description is a little dissapointing...she can be daughter of Red Nerine or her relative.
From official description she is succubus like person and prideful perfecionist with complex of superionty. She can play with people's hearts only to throw them away after. She fall in love with mc ...and it changed her.
It is sad...she have A/B cup...78/58/85 and Limes have 76/54/79...
Her hearband remind living problem - Asa.

New demon and god kings. Big and powerful Chalcedony with weak wife and daughter and old fashioned Kinzite.
Marine Obsius is most developed in class and she is secondary character. Sleeping beauty. 95/57/82
Most cute is goddess Citrine with maho-shoujo magic. 83/56/82
There is best friend of mc ...from previous game...same appearance, behavour...only different name.
Menoh Ishitake is homeroom class teacher. She is a tolerant and loose teacher. 90/60/88
Fluora - maid and bodyguard of Lithia.8 0/55/85
Alexander - beautiful ... demon butler ...

Dissapointed in Nelia...my hope of caring character was destroed by her offcicial description. I hope after she fall in love she will be charming deredere as Nerine and not scum.
Still her sizes ...is dissapointment too.Last modified on 2020-02-17 at 10:09


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