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#1 by kuromath
2019-05-05 at 17:54
found this hook
#2 by kr1pt0n1t3
2019-05-11 at 08:58
Thanks, works perfectly.
#3 by randy1925
2019-05-15 at 17:39
can someone explain what is h code?
#4 by bobjr2000
2019-05-16 at 04:19
hook code is what people use for machine translation. Since I am winging it some one can explain it better probably. Its kinda like a copy and paste all the proper characters of vn script so the translator can get best translation. Some times its missing characters or has no hook code at all so can't do a proper translation. Code above which is always different for each vn is what you enter into program to make it so.
#5 by kuromath
2019-05-20 at 02:32
Text hookers extract text from VNs on the go.

Sometimes said text doesn't come out or if it does, doesn't come out the way it is supposed to. H-codes (hook codes) are used to "fix" that, basically, so the hook program gets the proper text from games it didn't originally support.

I have no idea how to make them, however.


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