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#1 by sy74kya
2019-05-06 at 10:58
I've finished Amane's route in the Steam edition, and I have three and a half more questions.

1. Compared to the unrated edition, how badly butchered is Angelic Howl? Is it just a case of altering the part where the teacher and captain are having sex in the forest and the caniballism scenes or are several things removed or altered?

2. When is Yuuji forced into cross dressing? Is it in one of the sequels?

3. This one is extremely important! Does Yuuji ever interact with Kazuki at present day because we only saw her in a flashback in Amane's route and I really wanted a situation where the two siblings see each other again, with Yuuji discovering that Kazuki isn't dead. I understand that Kazuki does appear in Rakuen but does she actually interact with Yuuji at present day in that game? I also know she appears in Meikyuu but is it in a flashback only or at present day?

If so, when does he interact with her at present day? I imagine it would be in a sequel.

And a half: should I do Sachi before or after Makina?Last modified on 2019-05-06 at 11:00
#2 by sy74kya
2019-05-13 at 08:42
Seeing as no one saw this thread, I found the answer the first question. No whole scenes appear to be removed, but certain references to cannibalism, specific diseases, and the part about Kaneda having maggots in her head wound are removed. In addition the scene with the captain and Ochi doing something in the forest was altered, and the CG was zoomed in.

I have no answer to 2 or 3, but for the half, we've decided to go through the routes: Amane, Sachi, Makina, Michiru, Yumiko.Last modified on 2019-05-13 at 08:43
#3 by miuuzick
2019-05-19 at 08:21
2. It's in Meikyuu.
3. Yes, in Rakuen it's in the present day and he does interact with her. In Meikyuu it's only in flashbacks though.


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