Have a happy end ?

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#1 by fhc
2019-05-07 at 00:45
Sorry bad english

This game is tagged with the tag only bad endings, but, the concept of a bad end in NTR games are different and several people makes confusion with it.

In NTR is considered a "happy end" a end where the girl keep her love relationship with the protagonist, does not matter If she keep making sex with others guys. Some people consider it a bad end, but, for who have NTR fetish this is the happiest end that we can get.,

Is considered a Bad end when she break the relationship with the protagonist and the protagonist end the game alone. I hate this kind of end and nowadays so many NTR games have this kind of end.

Is considered a tragic end when the protagonist commits suicide in the end or the girl die. unfortunately I get the bad luck to get some games with this kind of end.

I love NTR too bad nowadays so many NTR games have a bad ending, sometimes even a tragic end.

Then, this is my question, this game have a happy end or only bad endings ?Last modified on 2019-05-07 at 01:47


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