Dies Irae Amantes amentes or Acta est Fabula

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#1 by sanipasc
2019-05-07 at 17:02
What version do you personally prefer? I was thinking about buying this VN but i do not know if i should get the steam's version, what do you think?
#2 by bestkatalyn
2019-05-07 at 20:56
Get the steam version, Amantes Amentes, it's the most complete one since it has many extra scenes.
If you are reading Dies Irae for the reasons it is deserving of, you will find that Amantes Amentes doesn't just remove the H-Scenes, but it also replaces them with more meaningful character interactions.
But a lot of people here will probably tell you how important those H-scenes are...but they are really not. If you are curious, you can just look at the CGs on the net and you will be pretty much done with them.
#3 by gundamace
2019-05-07 at 22:20
To further this, Amantes amentes has essentially ten or so additional hours of story content, featuring a wide variety of content that is often considered by fans to be some of the best parts of the game.
If you want it in more clear cut terms, here is a brief summary of the differences:

Acta est Fabula:
-Has H-Scenes

Amantes amentes:
-Has five additional side stories, often filling in the blanks of backstory and whatnot, as well as featuring epilogues for certain routes.
-Adds an additional ending to the final route.
-Replaces H-Scenes with some character scenes.

So yes, I highly recommend playing Amantes amentes over Acta est Fabula, considering all the additional story content.Last modified on 2019-05-07 at 22:21
#4 by coldnobility
2019-05-07 at 23:35
get the dx version on mangagamer, it has both acta and amentes and no drm
#5 by sanipasc
2019-05-18 at 14:32
#3 Thanks! I have done so.
#6 by fearthed
2019-08-16 at 05:33
Get Amantes Amentes, then download the Fabula patch.
The devs were nice enough that the Fabula original game patch basically is a whole other game. Even has seperate save files.


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