Is yorhel in charge of all of vndb?

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#1 by periah250
2019-05-11 at 07:28
I find it kinda odd that yorhel is so fleeting. Ive been on vndb since the end of 2014 which is shorter than i thought. Regardless i barely see anything about him and when i do it seems to be overseeing important matters. I dont know it just feels weird to rely on this site so deeply (literally my most visited site on pc and mobile) that i can't help but feel anxious at its possible closure. Vns are a load bearing pillar for me. So honestly it would be a huge relief to know this isnt all relient on a single individual.

If the site were to vanish id be completely lost, i wouldnt know where else to get such a comprehensive guide to localizations, fan translations. Vn news or even upcoming vns. Id be really worried that id miss something and not know it.

I dont really have much a goal here but is there like a donation or way to support vndb? Its becoming too core a part of me to risk it disappearing. Ive never had an interaction with the guy/girl but theyve done so much for anyone who likes vns so i just want to give back in some capacity.Last modified on 2019-05-11 at 18:14
#2 by fuukanou
2019-05-11 at 16:36
link near the bottom of the left sidebar if you want to donate.

I'd get Yorhel to check this is still legit before actually sending any money though.
#3 by yorhel
2019-05-11 at 17:56
I am still solely responsible for keeping this site running, yes. And apart from some unforseen accident*, there's no reason to worry: I'm still very motivated to keep VNDB alive and have both sufficient time and money to keep doing so for the foreseeable future.

As such, there's absolutely no point in donating. It won't motivate me to become more active and won't be necessary to cover the hosting costs (those are still covered, I think). As for why I'm not too active on the site, it's because there are so many other things I also like to work on. :( I'm definitely around for matters that only I can do, in any case.

If anything, the United Nations would be a bigger threat to VNDB's existence right now.

(* and while I'd like to increase VNDB's bus factor by at least one, there's nobody in my immediate surrounding that (1) I trust (2) has the technical expertise to take over and (3) is willing to...)
#4 by periah250
2019-05-11 at 18:18
I dislike the idea of something so important falling directly on one person. I think it would wise to invest time into finding a secondary person responsible for the site. Even if temporarily. The fact of the matter is by the time you need to prepare for something its usually too late. Now im not hoping for an unfortunate occurance to...occur. i think being prepared and nothing happening is better than not being prepared and hoping something doesnt happen.

Im glad to see the hosting is still covered and isnt coming out of pocket. I do hope you get more time soon however without the knowledge of why your time is restricted i cant say wether ypu could or not.

As of right now that fear hasnt gone anywhere. In all likelyhood it wont go anywhere. If i remember correctly the UN threw a fit back in 2012 and japan completely ignored them. Another factor to take into consideration is the UN lacks any real power, the nation you reside on and have vndb hosted through would be responsible for writing regulations and creating laws regarding such things. In any case even if the worst came to pass wouldnt it be feasible to have the community kinda white out any clear cut lolis and just have an addendum on visual novels containing lolis explaining theres lolis in said item? I doubt any law would out right destroy VNDB however this is all hear say on my part and im particularly well versed in law.

Would there be a way to reduce the bus factor? Maybe making some kind of written guide to the passing of responsibility to an individual? It may not be ideal but it certainly would be better than something happening and nothing be prepared.Last modified on 2019-05-11 at 18:19
#5 by truetakuma
2019-05-11 at 18:45
Sorry for stealing your discussion.

I do not know who yorhel are nor do I know the vndb history. But boy his website is a gold standard.

I am yet to find ANY gaming forum/database with such good privacy practices.

Free and open source code, librejs javascript, logging good as you can get compared to other websites, first party cookies and scripts, his own git server and outside of US jurisdiction, etc. Also site looks damn classy.

I thank this person called yorhel for that and creating vndb (no homo).
#6 by periah250
2019-05-11 at 19:45
Maybe we should rename this discussion as yorhel appreciation? He damn well deserves it
#7 by yorhel
2019-05-12 at 08:34
@truetakuma: Thanks, I wish more people cared about that stuff. The web has become a really shitty place in the past decade.

I doubt any law would out right destroy VNDB however this is all hear say on my part and im particularly well versed in law.
You're assuming governments always react rationally to social outrage and taboos. I'm not sure I share that confidence.

Would there be a way to reduce the bus factor?
The problem here is security vs. availability. I care a *lot* about VNDB remaining secure, the last thing I want is to have to write a "sorry, we've gotten a database breach too, like every site ever" apology. Increasing the bus factor involves giving someone else full access to the server and the database. The first challenge is finding some who I'd trust (hint: I don't trust anyone I haven't met IRL, not to that extend at least), the second challenge is trusting that that person also secures their own PC. No matter how much one secures the server, the PCs used to administrate them will always be a weak link. I've worked in InfoSec and my direct colleages - who were supposed to know a thing or two about IT security - had pretty shitty security practices for their own home PC. How am I going to expect others to do better?
(That is not to say that VNDB is so secure that it can't be hacked, even my paranoia is pretty limited)

So giving someone else full access is unlikely to happen, but there are alternatives. I suppose I could regularly dump an encrypted database backup to the public internet and give the key to a trusted friend (on printed paper, so I don't have to trust their PC). If I disappear at that point the server and the domain will still be lost, but at least the community has the opportunity to kick-start a new VNDB.

EDIT: Somewhat unrelated, but:
I dislike the idea of something so important falling directly on one person
Get used to it. There's a surprisingly large amount of things that you rely on that have little chance of surviving if their, uh, "main" person disappears. The world is run by individuals.Last modified on 2019-05-12 at 09:36
#8 by forever-here
2019-05-12 at 09:32
maybe it's time to detach the entire vndb from google search engine. there was a time where you can't google vndb at its earlier ages.

The web has become a really shitty place in the past decade.

in hindsight, maybe vndb REALLY should detach itself from google search.
#9 by lordnight
2019-05-12 at 11:32
Is that even possible?
#10 by yorhel
2019-05-12 at 11:37
Yes, but I don't see much of a point in it.

Well, I did block VNDB's forums and user pages from being indexed, the first to avoid spam and the latter as a tiny privacy feature.Last modified on 2019-05-12 at 11:39
#11 by bobjr2000
2019-05-12 at 15:29
not gonna lie I still use google to get here so kinda happy can do that still.
#12 by traumatizer
2019-05-14 at 18:04
nvm i'm dumb and tired, i accidentally posted in the wrong thread.Last modified on 2019-05-14 at 18:04


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