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#1 by kidbuu25
2019-05-12 at 04:37
Already finished the game and after playing Minato's route again I just noticed something strange. After Minato abandoned her player right how could MC still use his 2nd skill to show her the dream (That skill is to show other "player" dream after their agreement)? Even though he couldn't use his 1st skill on her when they first made love. And she only asked Levi to recover her player right after that so this doesn't make sense. Did I miss something here or just plot hole?
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 05:35
Read true route to know the truth about that world
#3 by kidbuu25
2019-05-12 at 08:27
I already completed the game that is why I was asking about that since I might have missed something. I know that world is a virtual world created by his twin sisters and all the heroines were brought there due to the accident except MC who came with different reason. That question just raised when I played Minato's route again and i want to know why his 2nd skill worked on her even though she was not "player" anymore at that time.
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 08:32
That is because minato still have player status. Do you forget that only mc who still can't raise to lvl 3 in true route? And every time heroine route ended, the world restarted again until mc reach true end route
#5 by kidbuu25
2019-05-12 at 08:50
I think you misunderstood something here. All the routes are not linked at all like that and the world does not restart after every route. Otherwise there will not be any epilogue for every heroine after the ending song which shows MC and that heroine are back to reality and still stay with each other. The true route is just another separated route in which he does not choose anyone until the end and ends up with his sister.

And back to my question. In Minato's route did you forget she asked Levi herself to remove her player right before she slept with MC for the first time? That is why he could not use his 1st skill on her at that time. But later he could use 2nd skill on her which does not make sense at all.
#6 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 11:17
the one who misunderstood is you. the route have same structure like aoi tori the different is it didn't explain to player directly. every time you read heroine route you will see a scene where ichiha meet futaba but later in true route it explained that "this time futaba will not run from her".
in the start ichiha have administration permission in that world and it will not possible for she to give back status player to minato right before chihaya show new dream to minato
#7 by kidbuu25
2019-05-12 at 12:00
Look like we have a big disagreement here. Since you talked about Aoi Tori allow me to speak my opinion about it too. In Aoi Tori all of the routes do actually happen in their own time line and the Devil is the one watching all of them so it can tell Akari for her to achieve the ultimate goal. That's the power of the Devil which allows it to move freely between different time lines.

Back to Realive. From what I got from your theory. The world keeps resetting after every route and all the heroines still keep their memory but not the MC. If MC still retained his memory from all the routes then it would make him the worst bastard MC ever since he did sleep with all of heroines and acted like nothing happened and keep jumping from one to another. Lastly I can't comprehend why there are epilogues and after stories if all routes were linked to 1 true route like you said. Unless you say all of them are just dream too or non-canon.

So my point is I agree both Aoi Tori and Realive do have same structure which is all routes actually happen in their time line or you can say alternate worlds except Realive doesn't have the Devil existence to link them together. And sorry but I didn't get what you meant with your explanation about Levi giving back player right to Minato.
#8 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 12:51
if in aoi tori, devil exist to connect all episode (in this term is heroine route) to akari then in realive, ichiha and futaba is the main reason why chihaya didn't want to remember what really happen

after story is bonus story to unlock h-scene so ignore it is not big problem but epilogue is important more over epilogue in true route. in realive true route have 3 part, prologue - main scenario - epilogue. if you sort it base on timeline with other route include common route then you will have
1. true route - prologue
2. common route
3. all heroine route (except ichiha and futaba)
4. true route - main scenario
5. true route - prologue OR prologue from the first time you play
the world keep restart in number 3 to train other heroine before futaba can let other heroine support chihaya instead of her in real world. but in some point the "real chihaya" come inside realive system without futaba or ichiha know and moreover ichiha become confuse with suddenly disappearing of futaba.

i think i have explain simple enough about what happen to minato player status but okay let me make it more simple like this
1. levi or ichiha have administrator right. the highest permission in realive to use, modify or add something in realive system
2. minato want levi to revoke her player status but she still didn't know enough about realive system because she still think that "since start she play realive in real world, so when she didn't have status as player, she will immune to whatever realive skill system when it targeted her"
3. chihaya can use his skill to show a dream to minato when minato didn't have player status in her at that moment but why the skill still activated?
4. the answer is, ichiha/levi return minato status as player right before chihaya use his skill to minato OR since start ichiha didn't really revoke her player status but only give vague feeling to her that she is not player. unless minato is NPC existence in realive system like yayoi or nemuru family

the world setting in realive is simulated reality so if you are really completed true ending i think you understand what really happened before common route occurred. because i think it's weird when you reach true route ending but still have question about other heroine route. if you have doubt about futaba real condition then it's still understandable i think
#9 by kidbuu25
2019-05-12 at 13:24
Ok about Minato's question I did come up with 2 cases like you said too but since I wasn't so sure if I missed the explanation somewhere I tried to ask here. Look like it really didn't explain at all and it came to us readers to interpret that in the end. So we can close the Minato case here.

Next is about the heroine routes. Firstly I want to ask if what you said were really explained anywhere in the story or just assumption? Because ultimately this would make this game is only about the true route which is hard for me to accept that. Your theory makes all the MC in other routes just NPC for the heroines to train themselves and it makes zero sense since there would be many MC at the same time for each heroine. You said after stories are just bonus but for me it's make more sense to think that they are extension of their daily life when MC returns to reality with his chosen heroine plus that would make the epilogues more relevant too.

So my theory is there was only 1 MC and he spent the time in this virtual to support everyone. In that process he chose to fall in love with 1 of them thus leading to the ending with that heroine. It's just about the multiple worlds thing which is common in VN where we reader can pick the girls. Of course he still had to face his own past no matter who he ended up with in order to return to his reality with his beloved one.Last modified on 2019-05-12 at 13:25
#10 by kidbuu25
2019-05-12 at 13:40
Oh and 1 more thing I forgot to say. MC came to the virtual world is because Futaba herself brought him there when he almost committed suicide. It's hard to buy the AR thing which allowed her spirit to appear in reality but whatever.
#11 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 21:22
wait, that is where you wrong. "MC came to the virtual world is because Futaba herself brought him there when he almost committed suicide", this is half wrong because futaba already in half dead condition and can't preserve her existence in realive system or real world and chihaya who know that futaba still have a chance even that it is very little, he enter realive system through ichiha laptop. at this point, almost all heroine have reach lvl 2 or 3 while he enter at the first time in lost memory about the past condition. and well, before he enter realive system, other heroine only meet chihaya npc or let's say their own world. in the other word is every heroine have their own simulation world where at some point they meet at common route and later split again.
in the first place, why there is complex heroine that hard to determine which route that will connect to true end and which route that will not connect to it? it is same like you read hapymaher and hapymaher FD, the different is in realive the writer didn't explain too much about it. you see that this vn have same nuance like hapymaher but at some point it have same development too like little buster just in "more rational"
#12 by kidbuu25
2019-05-13 at 03:28
Again what you said are just your own assumption or from other VN. I would like you to show me if it was explained anywhere in the story that there are multiple NPC MC. And where did you get the idea all the heroines already reached lv 2 or 3 when real MC joined the party? I already played the true route again and there was nothing even implicitly showed that. From what I got in the true route he stopped at his lv3 mission like usual and only helped all the heroines with their's missions like in their individual route but didn't choose anyone till the end. He did join later than everyone else because he wasn't directly involved in the accident and Levi said that he suddenly appeared when she was doing counseling job to other players. She never mentioned anything about everyone was training or doing their own simulation with NPC MC.

About how he joined. Futaba appeared before him to prevent him from killing himself and said she would bring him to the virtual world where everyone is living and erased his painful memory. She hoped he would grow up in that world like everyone before recalling that past. Yes this is what happened and again it didn't explain if she was the one brought him to the virtual world by some miracle or he entered that world through Ichiha's laptop after that. However Levi said what he said about he joined himself was contradicted with what she heard from Futaba. This was because he only remembered to the part he went crazy about Futaba being buried in the accident and instinctively started the Realive system through her phone but it was wrong. This implied either Futaba brought him herself or she knew about when he joined by himself thus she gave Ichiha his Realive data while still being missing.

I played the true route again and this time I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any important info and I did pay attention to dig up anything which can lead to what you said about everything other than true route are just simulation with NPC MC. That's why I would appreciate if you can show me clear proof instead of assumption from other VN which don't even have the same author.
#13 by kidbuu25
2019-05-13 at 03:42
One more thing I forgot to mention again. Assuming what you said was true then at the end of other routes all the heroines played their last skill to return to reality so they were supposed to disappear from this world already. However in true route all of them were still there and it was already clear that they were not NPC since Levi was worried about why they still haven't returned but chose to stay instead. She even made a joke about they were trying to aim for MC but they denied it and tried to help Levi for the sake of "This is her route" plot. This pretty much proved my point all the routes are not linked to true route at all but do happen in their own time line like Aoi Tori. Unless you are saying all other routes are just simulation for something bigger again and it will deny the meaning of all epilogues of each heroine which are supposed the be their own real ending besides Ichiha and Futaba's ending.

To put it briefly, I accept there are multiple MC but they are not NCP but real MC from many time lines with same situation and they interact with each heroine respectively. If you want to use other VN for example then Aoi Tori has this kind of thing too in the true end when Akari meets another MC from another time line which is Sayo's route.Last modified on 2019-05-13 at 04:06
#14 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-13 at 05:11
If you ask the proof of my assumption you will get nowhere because the writer didn't write all but you can make realist assumption from that. Didn't you feel weird why chihaya can reach lvl 4 in kaya route while he still lvl 3 in minato? Even at the start of true end why chihaya still lvl 2?

You take wrong meaning from futaba lines when chihaya almost suicide. She only said that he must alive to protect ichiha that still alive in realive system. After that he regain himself again and dive to realive system again using ichiha laptop with his own wish. Remember again, ichiha or futaba never want chihaya enter realive system again and only want he live in real world with his own happiness

a piece of advice from me, try to know the scenario writer of this vn using vndb and you will know his history in purplesoft is the first time. his old scenario is astralair that have almost same unexplained backstory in itLast modified on 2019-05-13 at 05:40
#15 by kidbuu25
2019-05-13 at 09:36
Ok I see we will never come to agreement with this. Your advice is to tell me to look for the author's history this time to judge his current work which already made me wanted to give up on this discussion. After all it's all about your assumption with zero proof.

About the difference of MC lv in every route. Because like I said many times already it is about multiple time lines theory which is too common in VN. There are many worlds at the same time and they all have the same situation and same casts. By same situation I mean same Realive system and same sumer trip accident etc. The only difference is how MC acts and which heroine he picks up which are our job readers to decide it. We just take a look at all of them respectively. For example: MC in this world chooses Kaya but he in another world chooses Minato and in another world he doesn't choose any and ends up with his 2 sisters hence true route. We readers are just like the Devil existence in Aoi Tori which can watch all of them.

It's just simple as that so I don't know why you keep clinging to the world resetting thing when I already proved it wrong with my own logic along with clear proof in the story. Meanwhile you keep denying it with your own "idea" and from completely unrelated things like other VN and author etc.

About how MC joined again. Like I said it could be either way Futaba brought him or he did it by himself since it didn't explain about that. Therefore I never said you were wrong about that and I will even admit your explanation makes more sense than Futaba bringing him there with her current critical condition. About this we could only assume and not like it would effect the story much.

In the end it's just about a fiction work so we are free to have our own opinions thus there is no need to waste time on discussing anymore since I don't think we are on the same page here. You can believe in what you want to believe and I will stick to my logic until someone else can prove otherwise with definite proof and evidence from the story itself not from any unreliable sources. Anyways it was fun to discuss with you and thanks to that I could understand this VN more than before. Thank you and have a good day.Last modified on 2019-05-13 at 09:54
#16 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-13 at 22:06
i don't force my logic to you but i only force what i read from vn to you because i think you didn't read it good enough to understand the world setting and characters lines. usually it come from people who read use mtl rather than dictionary or maybe the explanation in vn written so bad until you can't understand it. if this discussion started from that then it is useless. because i see too many people read use mtl and misunderstand what the writer wrte in it. well it's okay bye


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