Does it get better?

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#1 by nanbomba
2019-05-12 at 20:29
I dont get it, from my point of view it starts in a very good way with an interesting protagonist and interesting girls, but as soon as i started a route it became boring as hell, i have read more than 30 Vn and neither of theme had me pushing control for most half of the time.

Is it that it gets better later on or is it just like this, and it only continues being borring, cause im going to stop playing it already.
#2 by bobjr2000
2019-05-12 at 20:38
if your already skipping scenes haven't watched before then probably should move on.
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 21:08
this is palette dude, this is where almost all supernatural phenomenon is bonus tag for except for 9-nine
#4 by nanbomba
2019-05-12 at 23:07
What are you talking about supernatural phenomenon, its just that all the game seem nonchalant and just nonsense scenes were nota even the girl fron the route was included
#5 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-12 at 23:47
eh, so resurrection tag is not from supernatural phenomenon? that is very surprised for me
#6 by nanbomba
2019-05-13 at 05:14
That hapens very early un the game, the shinigami thing happens from the start


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