Is this game good?

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#1 by periah250
2019-05-12 at 23:20
I remember finishing the first chapter and not being impressed at all. Nothing made sense and I couldnt even get a good handle on what the story even was about. The game seemed to go between scenes with no obvious segway, and anytime an event or something happened it was never explained. Then at the end any semblance of rationality went out the window and we space? nothing made sense and if everyone said it was a metaphor I'd simply ask of what? no meaning was conveyed other than this game doesnt have it.
#2 by onorub
2019-05-12 at 23:33
The ending of the first chapter is kinda explained at the secret ending of the game. For me, SubaHibi reaches top 10 all-time VN status by chapter 5. Then again, i actually liked the first chapter, so make of that what you will.Last modified on 2019-05-12 at 23:33
#3 by coldnobility
2019-05-13 at 03:04
read chap2


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