[SPOILERS] Questions left unanswered

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#1 by shroomlord
2019-05-14 at 10:04
I just finished it and realized some of the questions went unanswered. Took to google and found this post link which brings up all the stuff I was interested in. So based on that:

1. What was it they saw in the hidden room?

You wouldn't believe how frustrated I got when they cut the scene and left it unanswered. But anyway, Sayuri's remains sounds about right. I'm satisfied with that theory. It was clearly something fairly shocking.

2. Who the hell hit Yuzuriha? And why?

This is the one I really wanted a clear answer to but it may be hardest one to answer of them all. So it arguably stands between Mayuri and Iberis (not sure about the romajization here). And I'm leaning towards Mayuri, seeing as Yuzuriha told -Souh- to tell the perp that she hadn't forgotten about it. But that still doesn't answer WHY she did it. Did I miss or forget something?

3. Why did Yuzuriha and Nerine help trying to stop Suoh from finding out the truth?

Well they left the school without telling anyone including Dahlia so it must've been part of some deal to set them "free" so to speak. I'm fine with leaving it at that, though I'd still be interested in the specifics.

Given all this, does anyone have any further insights or ideas? Maybe there are even official explanations around that I'm not aware of?

I'm gonna end with saying that I found the reason for Mayuri's disappearance weak af and I absolutely hated it. There are so many ways to punch a hole in it. Sigh.
Anyway, thanks for your time. 😉


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