greatest vn story?

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#1 by nitro
2019-05-15 at 18:43
< report >I would be curious to hear your thoughts on this and if you agree that it might be the best vn story in terms of (plot)
#2 by altria0
2019-05-15 at 19:01
< report >nowhere near close, too short and undeveloped, the plot twist is somewhat cool but its just shock value, the story doesn't do anything interesting with it, i'd go with Umineko for best VN story by far
#3 by Ninigi
2019-05-15 at 19:05
< report >@OP I hope you're just joking.
#4 by steamboatwillie
2019-05-15 at 19:23
< report >JAST seems to be makig considerable progess on Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.. Maybe you'll change your mind.
#5 by barthos
2019-05-16 at 12:02
< report >@OP you are clueless, this is just insult to the Japanese that make the best of VN
#6 by perverse
2019-05-16 at 15:58
< report >The OP is very likely being disingenuous, since they only gave DDLC a 6 (decent) rating. While it is possible that they just have high standards, it is unlikely that they would give the "best vn story in terms of (plot)" a rating below their average vote score (6.59).
#7 by eltonan
2019-05-16 at 22:18
< report >In terms of Original English Language Visual Novels (OELVNs), I'd say its probably one of the better ones, if only because most OELVNs are nonsense/meme filled garbage or quick cash grabs. In terms of actual good visual novels though, I'd say its not even close.

The biggest problem with DDLC is that's its trying to be a parody/deconstruction, without understanding the subject matter it's parodying/deconstructing. The best example of this is when Monika claims she messed with Yuri's emotions and deleted the other girls by messing around with the game files. But that's not how, visual novels work, that's how crappy writers who work on daytime television think visual novels work. Firstly, VN's don't have a system to track their characters emotional points, that's a dating sim system. In VN's its just a few choices before you're on a specific characters route, so they don't need a system that complicated. The author either got these two mixed up or thinks they're the same thing. Secondly, unless it's one of those gameplay based VN which are more RPG's then VNs, then it doesn't make sense to need something as complicated as character files. The best Monika could really do in that situation was delete everyone's voice files to make them all mute, I guess? The problem is that DDLC doesn't set itself up as either dating sim or gameplay based VN, instead it sets its self up as more of a parody of a basic moege.

To it's credit the art is passable, the story, (inside a vacuum) you have to admit is not terrible and I can even see how it's capable to affecting a reader emotionally but DDLC received the attention it did more because it was filled with dark themes, horror, fan theory bait, yanderes and fourth wall breaks, basically things which guarantee your game will become a meme. IMO has more merit as meme fodder than as an actual good piece of literature.Last modified on 2019-05-16 at 22:24
#8 by Mutsuki
2019-05-16 at 23:25
< report >#7, TBH there's also Katawa Shoujo which is arguably one of if not the best OELVN. It has its fair share of haters though.
#9 by deadwood-jawn
2019-05-30 at 23:02
< report >Katawa Shoujo was phenomenal.
#10 by knighthart
2019-08-06 at 06:55
< report >I think what makes Katawa Shoujo so great is the fact that it doesn't conform to typical OELVN tropes. There are no 'self aware weeb' moments and concepts. It doesn't try to parody or highlight japanese fiction to set itself apart. There are no 'exteremely original' written characters or ideas (you know, the ocs donut steel feeling). Katawa Shoujo simply tries to be it's own usual visual novel. The writer is pretty experienced in the medium, and you can see that. Aside from the >OELVN ART, it's comparable to any other eroge because stays true to what makes vns vns, with it's writing and narrative structure. Too many OELVNs are like, self conscious about being western, so they try to embrace the fact that they're OELVNs in the first place. That's where you get the distant feeling from.
#11 by kiru
2019-08-06 at 10:32
< report >I always figured Katawa Shoujo is simply entry level material. Chances are very low anyone else would actually touch it. And entry level material doesn't need to be good to actually be well received. It needs to work as entry level stuff. This game here is the same. The huge success can be explained with people having little knowledge about the medium other than prejudices getting catered to, and the writer being one of those as well. (most likely)

Both games also share the same issue as entry level material: They provide entry to something that doesn't even exist. So they get rather secluded fanbases, as people simply get "stuck". You have to change your expectations quite a bit if you wanna go and see more of the medium after this game or Katawa Shoujo. It's easier with the latter one, thanks to it at least being a little longer, but still. It's the biggest difference between these games and something like Key VNs, which got a lot of people into the medium but didn't keep them to stick with just that one game.Last modified on 2019-08-06 at 10:32
#12 by ffthewinner
2019-08-06 at 12:34
< report >the best OELVN is Katawa Shoujo,and the best of all time is extremely arguable (personally,i would go with Kanon). DDLC is pretty damn good,but not the best by a long shot.

btw @10,KS had a different writer for each route.Last modified on 2019-08-06 at 12:36
#13 by fuez
2020-05-12 at 22:58
< report >Personally, I commend ddlc for being creative in terms of its gameplay. Indeed, it is such an unconventional VN. However, it is also because of it being an unconventional VN that I cannot accept this as a VN. #eltonan here has described precisely why avid VN readers may be put off by ddlc. Like how others think about this game, I also think the story's plot twist and odd gameplay is the main attraction of this game. In actuality, the "story" has no substance at all. How can one even say that ddlc has very good story?Last modified on 2020-05-12 at 23:08
#14 by gerardlonewolf
2020-05-13 at 01:09
< report >
How can one even say that ddlc has very good story?
It doesn't.
#15 by silvercover
2020-05-13 at 03:40
< report >maybe only for people who haven't touched any VNs at all and just have superficial knowledge on what they are like.
#16 by zakashi
2020-05-13 at 04:13
< report >no
#17 by Ninius
2020-07-20 at 19:29
< report >Not even close LOL Can't even compare to SubaHibi, FataMoru and Umineko. This isn't even the best OELVN.Last modified on 2020-07-20 at 19:31
#18 by rndmguypasingby
2022-01-16 at 09:30
< report >Nope lol i played this last year and it was a solid 8, i forgot about it after i read fatamoru
#19 by vndbguy12345
2022-02-20 at 01:23
< report >OP is very funny.
(Also made an account just to give this VN a 5)
#20 by plisken
2022-02-20 at 01:47
< report >No way. Umineko, Muv-Luv Alternative (just waiting for the "original" folks to come in and tell me how they hated MLA and how cool they are for it), G Senjou no Maou, Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay Night, Grisaia (the 1st one), maybe even Higurashi. Those are VNs that come to mind when "greatest vn story" is mentioned.

DDLC was fine, I suppose, but the novelty actually wore off after the first big shock. After that it felt like it was trying too hard. Had Salvato decided to flesh out the story more and not rely on a cheap gimmick, it'd probably rate higher.Last modified on 2022-02-20 at 01:48
#21 by ibie808
2022-02-21 at 21:46
< report >Wow - there isn't much fighting here, unlike in anime forums where they have stronger opinions on the anime which they have watched . . . - I wonder why, hmmmmmmmmm / / / / . . . (I actually don't know why - I think that it's a younger audience + mob mentality).

Usually, if this was an anime forum then I would be influenced by your opinions by saying that DDLC isn't one of the best, but I haven't been influenced that much.
Maybe it's because the user "perverse" mentioned how low the thread creator 'nitro' rated it. . .


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