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#1 by nemesis2005
2019-05-20 at 02:33
I just finished Natsuyume Nagisa, and I see there's not much discussion in here. So let's get one started.

Here are just some things to think about and discuss.

1. What do you think was Ayumu's wish at the end?

2. Best Girl and/or route?

For me, it was:

Ayumu = Tohno > Maki = Tsukasa > Hitsuji

I found Hitsuji's route rather boring, and rather hard to relate to compared to the other heroine for some reason.

I really like Tohno's route and character. Someone who just wants to have fun as a normal girl, but can't due to her condition. Kyaa, Doza-sama! Plus adding Aria to the mix just made it a really fun and emotional route.

Obviously, Ayumu as the main heroine is the most developed character and just fits really nicely with Nagisa. Hiku wa.

3. How do you think it compares compared to Nijima Yuu's other work, especially Hatsuyuki Sakura?

I think they are both really good. I like Hatsuyuki Sakura a bit more due to the characters.

In terms of theme, they are very similar as they part of the seasonal theme. Natsuyume is about summer and happy dreams, while Hatsuyuki is about winter and nightmares. Their similarity is also that dreams and nightmare will end someday, and it will eventually be time to move on.Last modified on 2019-05-20 at 02:33


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