Replacing covers/screenshots w/ Eng. vers.

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#1 by fuukanou
2019-05-25 at 19:51
Are there any rules and regulations (ideally standards) for *replacing* the original Japanese covers and screenshots of VNs (assuming that they're perfectly clear) with English ones?

I personally don't see any reason for covers and think that they should be original version wherever possible, but I reckon screenshots should be alright. I think you can't get any new information out of a localised cover than from the original, but if someone can't read the screenshots in Japanese, they'd be able to get a (admittedly small) feel for the writing style / UI (which often changes between JP and EN releases).

#2 by [deleted]
2019-05-25 at 20:16
Well, as a japanese reader I disagree with this measure since I always feel bothered when there's only english screenshots for a japanese visual novel, since I can't get a feel for the actual writing style (as opposed to the translation...)

People who read in english barely care about writing style as evidenced by the incessant fixation with frivolities such as honorifics, memes, and foreign language translation (i.e. character speaking english in japanese version speaking in spanish or french on the english version).
#3 by fuukanou
2019-05-25 at 20:56
#2, I'd like to clear up I meant only 2-3 screenshots of the 10 being in English.
#4 by ramaladni
2019-05-25 at 22:01
Maybe make it so that 10 screenshots is the limit for a specific release, and 15 the overall limit. This way you could have 10 screenshots for the JP version, and 5 for the English one, for example.Last modified on 2019-05-25 at 22:01
#5 by [deleted]
2019-05-25 at 22:45
Here's what yorhel said last time this came up: t11906.9
#6 by punk
2019-05-25 at 23:19
#9 by yorhel
2019-02-10 at 07:10 By far the most important part of the screenshots is that they're representative and that they show different aspects of the game. Whether they're from a Japanese or English release is not very relevant, so the guidelines don't make a clear statement on that.

I'm generally fine with replacing some Japanese screenshots with English ones, as long as the quality & variety aspect remains.

@yorhel u2
I agree with what yorhel said , but I think these points should included in the rules link to make it clear to everyone .


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