Broadcast Club Podcast Ep 14 - Endings

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#1 by superangelo128
2019-05-27 at 19:18
For episode 14, we talked about Endings in Visual Novels with well known community member and Umineko Fanatic, /u/ctom42 from /r/visualnovels! 

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We did our best through this episode to avoid spoilers, despite the spoiler heavy nature of the topic at hand. We don't mention any explicit details about the endings of any VNs on the discussed list. That said, depending on where you personally draw the spoiler line, I don't think everyone will consider it 100% spoiler free, but anything we mention is something that I've seen talked about openly in other venues of discussion about VNs.

We are also pleased to say that future episodes should have much less time between them! Real life got in the way more than a little bit for the last few episodes we put out, but now that we are all located in the same country once again, our scheduling should be much less painful, so look for more episodes to come in the future, sooner rather than later!

As always, comments are very welcome!


Also, if you're interested in being featured in our shill segment, my bank of shills is currently empty, so if you would like to have your shill in a future episode, please record a 2-3 minute segment promoting a VN you're excited about. It should be something we haven't had featured before, so ask if you're unsure what that might be! Feel free to contact me via DMs or Discord if interested.

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Some discussion questions:

Do you think an ending can make or break a visual novel?
What sorts of endings do you want to see more of in visual novels?
If you could rewrite an ending to a specific visual novel, how would you change it? (Don't forget the spoiler tags please!)Last modified on 2019-05-27 at 19:42


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