Inspiration for CLANNAD?

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#1 by pondrthis
2009-02-23 at 06:30
Anyone else think that this inspired Jun Maeda when writing Key's epic CLANNAD?

There's a guy with family issues that becomes a delinquent (class-cutter), yet finds peace in aiding in the reformation of a liberal arts club... hmm... sounds familiar. Also, I haven't played all routes yet, but is the bonus girl in Crescendo a little something like Fuuko in CLANNAD? I didn't spoil CLANNAD, don't spoil Crescendo. Just a yes or no answer will do for discussion if you know the answer to that one. Also, the one route I've played in Crescendo (Kaori) is a lot like Misae in CLANNAD in personality and role, and just a hint similar in backstory.

Any more similarities? I'm not suggesting CLANNAD is a ripoff by any means; it's obviously extremely original even in the similar parts, and CLANNAD just has so much to it that even if it copied word for word, there'd still be tons more original content. So no one get offended, this is just for discussion.
#2 by vaines
2009-02-23 at 10:10
Well I think the settings are so far apart, and for me it's normal to find the same girl archetypes over in several different games/shows. As for Fuuko (if it's the starfish girl) I would compare her more to the heroine in Kanon, and as you can see one can always find others to compare to.
#3 by pondrthis
2009-03-10 at 07:40
Setting aside the fact that Jun Maeda wrote both Kanon and CLANNAD (I think he did most of the scenario work for Kanon), Fuuko and Miyu are SOOO much alike.

Miyu and Fuuko are both in a coma and projecting their consciousness into "objective reality". Furthermore, at the end of both routes, the main character forgets about his relation to the girl, spending a night alone at school with the girl before her condition naturally declines to a degree at which she can no longer make herself known to the protagonist, in Miyu's case death.

Between the protagonists' similarities and the similarities between Fuuko and Miyu, I can't help but believe that Crescendo heavily inspired some of the plot to CLANNAD.

As for the settings being "so far apart," I can only see the fact that CLANNAD happens in the spring beginning the last year of high school, rather than the last spring. They are both set at a high school in a town some distance from Tokyo. If you're referring to the abstract element in CLANNAD involving the illusionary world, I remind you that I'm only talking about inspiring certain points of the story; CLANNAD is far too much to be inspired by any one source (and far too brilliant, in my humble opinion!).

I will concede to the "girl archetypes" when referring to the similarity between Kaori and Misae, though. A woman who is still stuck in high school emotionally due to a past event that is strong-willed and works at school could be considered some sort of heavily-detailed stock character. Thanks for pointing that one out.
#4 by whitewolf5
2009-03-18 at 07:51
I came across this VN. Is this worth playing? Since it's kinda similar to Clannad then I'll play it.
#5 by pondrthis
2009-03-18 at 16:33
It's not "kinda similar to CLANNAD". The mood is very different, and the main storyline of CLANNAD is entirely different. Just certain plot elements are similar.

It's a good VN, although I believe it's a little inconsistent - certain routes seem to not belong together in the same game. Overall worth playing. Just watch out for Ayame's route... although it presents itself as all happy and those beans, it's actually pretty disturbing if you do a little interpretation.

On the big plus-side, it features the music of Scott Joplin :P.
#6 by makenshi
2009-04-03 at 13:11
necro, but i think the deliquent-with-issues is such a cookie-cutter type protagonist you can't really say one inspired the other (i'm sure there's anime and manga, probably even games before crescendo with similar plot device; going even further back, and on the stateside, we have the s.e. hinton books which deals with a lot of similar issues). sounds more like a coincidence to me.

i mean it's just so general it's like saying, v for vendetta is based on animal farm. or any literature or movies dealing with socialistic reform in general, because the plot typically play out similarly just due to the motif of the sub-genreLast modified on 2009-04-03 at 20:23


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