Swapping Party - 7/10 Fantastic NTR game.

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#1 by 3i1
2019-06-01 at 02:34
By itself, a swapping NTR visual novel would be nothing new, just another entry in a long pile of similar works. You get the gist: Guy with maxed out sex skills vs a nice guy who climaxes too fast, etc. Here we have a friend group consisting of two couples Yuuma and Hiromi alongside Himari and Yamato, which at first, might seem generic based on the setting presented.

However, what is different here is the presence of actual believable characters and their interactions between each other. The two couples are "Childhood friends" and naturally, the script enforces this with proper interaction outside of CG scenes.
I'm sure all NTR fans are aware of stories that initially have the characters said to be "Best friends", but despite this, the antagonist steals the female heroine without a second thought leading to you asking questions such as, "Were they really friends in the first place?". This happens whilst you attempt to give the benefit of the doubt that this plot point isn't a blatant crutch used to propel past character building and get to the juicy CG.

Since this is an NTR drama, surely it will be in favour of emotional hand-waving and Hitomi neglecting Yuuma as she becomes obsessed with Yamato, right? No, quite the opposite, actually. Being great at sex is merely one disposition, not something that should be valued for the sake of itself, no matter what the generic NTR antagonists say, is the message this Visual novel wishes to convey.

General setup involves Yuuma and Hiromi as they sleep over at Himari's apartment one night. Being a one-room loft style condo, see the other two having sex. Their sex is, of course, nothing like what Yuuma and Hiromi are accustomed to and Himari confronts the two the next day saying she was aware that they were peeking, asking if they would like to engage in some swapping for fun.

We get to see Hiromi being much more satisfied during sex with Yamato than with her own boyfriend Yuuma. Whilst on the other hand Yuuma climaxes too quickly and Himari is left unsatisfied
Whilst it sounds like the perfect setup for Hiromi and Yuuma's relationship to go south, the writing for this Visual novel takes it in a different direction and is never "Malicious" in its storytelling or character interactions from this point.
Sure, Yamato is depicted as being able to please Hiromi better than Yuuma can, but the MC is never made fun of for this point, nor do we get long neverending monologues from the MC regarding the inferiority he feels. I mean, what's better than to be playing an NTR VN and having to sit through hours of internal monologues completely detracting from the point of the setup? I can understand if the characters were older and married, as there is more on the line in that type of story, however, for younger characters, we don't need this to get the point across. There are plenty of feelings of inferiority, emotions of jealousy etc, when Yuuma sees the two having sex, however, it never goes over the top.
Hiromi remains pure to Yuuma and the writer takes the time out to remind us that sex is one part of a relationship, with plenty of character interaction between Hiromi and Yuuma reconfirming their feelings for one another.

There is a scene where Hiromi becomes completely absorbed with sex and we see Yamato accidentally cum inside her during one of their swapping sessions. Himari naturally gets angry when this occurs, forcing Yuuma and Hiromi go to the hospital to receive a contraceptive pill. It's a breath of fresh air to see these issues taken seriously.
Himari is depicted as wanting to help Yuuma and Hiromi in regards to their sex life, and we see Yuuma's performance issues brought up as an open topic of conversation -and a little teasing-, instead of pushed under the rug whilst the characters engage in endless debauchery.

When their not fucking each other's girlfriends, the male leads are hanging out at school, worrying about their future or playing sports/participating in club activities. We see these two acting like, you know.... as friends would. Script time is spent developing the two main characters and their issues and having them interact with one another. Characters actually have goals and other things going on in their lives, helping build up believable profiles, allowing us, the readers to get emotionally invested in what is happening.

The ending involves Yuuma's sex improving, leading him to be able to satisfy Hiromi AND Himari as the swapping experience works out for him as a plus.
Whilst he may not be as great as sex as Yamato is, he doesn't 'need' to be as the writer wishes to convey a simple message of its okay to be who you are.

Of course, it's not perfect. Being relatively short means there are buildup problems leading from this, a lack of characterisation/perspectives from Himari and Yamato, a lack of flowing story as events jump from swapping sessions to school activities with no rhyme or reason, etc, but these flaws are mostly surface blemishes. If it was longer, with more perspectives from Himari and Yamato and explored whatever problems these two characters were facing in their relationship, it would improve the narrative immensely.
But then again, perhaps its good because it didn't overstay its welcome. Being short and concise isn't necessarily a demerit, despite what the average VNDB user wishes to think.

It feels like it manages the delicate balance of NTR fetishism and believable characters whilst doing its own thing.

All in all, the game has a goal, a message it wishes to convey and it does it well.Last modified on 2019-06-05 at 11:39
#2 by 3i1
2019-06-01 at 02:41
As a side question, did the same illustrator for this visual novel created a similar "Swapping NTR" doujin CG set?

Again revolving around two high school couples. I believe it involved a 'Gal' type character as main characters partner during swaps in this instance.

Unfortunately unable to remember the name.Last modified on 2019-06-01 at 03:58
#3 by ramaladni
2019-06-01 at 03:10
Thanks, I love Atelier Sakura.

Also, maybe this?Last modified on 2019-06-01 at 03:15
#4 by barfboy
2020-03-25 at 06:21
His penis is also very much smaller than Yamato's which is something he can never overcome. The game is still very much devoted to feelings of inferiority and jealousy.

Well, I came here for the swapping, not the NTR so I'm out. Maybe I'll come back to it later but NTR always spoils the mood for me.


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