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#1 by 0sekundes0
2019-06-04 at 03:02
Man, I really had a fun time playing this VN. The girls are great, very funny, not very deep but still had charisma, ideal for a light-hearted, ecchi game. There are a lot of game, anime and even other novels references. Rin even quotes that description of her ideal man from Darkness from Konosuba, for God's sake. This game's translation is something that MUST happen. It's been a long time since I played a novel that I wanted to see a well translated version. If I had to point something I didn't like very much is that the game uses very, very informal language, acronyms, regionalisms and things that high school students tend to use which makes sense, as its a high school setting, but to non-japanese readers it's really hard to understand some lines, but that's OK as they didn't intend to sell this overseas, at least yet.
#2 by tomtheerogeman
2019-06-04 at 03:51
Didn't think anyone could make a school VN with bigger tits than Raspberry Cube or Wagamama High Spec.
#3 by amins
2019-06-04 at 04:07
hrmmm never heard of Squeez eroge games ?
#4 by 0sekundes0
2019-06-04 at 04:56
I played only SQUEEZ older games, but they're mostly just fuck girls and done with a little bit of comedy. This one is more focused on Icha Icha, of couse, it's loaded with sex scenes and stuff, but I'm almost 20 hours in game, and no real sex scenes yet, there were scenes with borderline, but no real deal yet, though I'm a slow reader. It really feels that the common route is really about mostly comedy, romance and lots icha icha, with a little bit of slice of life.

And yes, their breasts are huuuuuuuge. Not that's a bad thing, unless you're flat earth believer.
#5 by kiru
2019-06-04 at 07:08
It's a bad thing, because most artists can't handle that. And I kinda doubt, it's an exception here.

That said, I'm surprised this supposedly takes time till the lewds. I figured it's a full nukige. Not like it has any routes either.
#6 by amins
2019-06-04 at 07:34
i was talking to mister tom about the squeez games,but what is icha icha ?
#7 by sakurakoi
2019-06-04 at 07:52
And I kinda doubt, it's an exception here
"Mainstream art" tends to handle those much better than whatever niche (ofc smaller sizes tend to look better on average but even there one can observe "dubious" design decisions) and in this case it looks to be not bad indeed, albeit the nipples are a bit on the bigger side sometimes but by no means are they too big.

Otherwise, the only thing that could be done better is to make them smaller but welp, I'd be glad to be let know who did do better. Even though I'm a member of the "Cuteness is Justice" party as well as "Butts>Boobs" faction, I'm very tolerant towards anyone but cucks that revel in their misery.

but what is icha icha ?
Flirting, basically Romance-Comedy stuff, not just H.
#8 by tomtheerogeman
2019-06-04 at 08:50
#3 I was thinking of non-nukiges, but w/e. This seems to be somewhere in between.
#9 by ramaladni
2019-06-04 at 10:13
I was wondering what トメフレ meant, I guess it's their own made-up word?
#10 by fuukanou
2019-06-04 at 10:46
#9, I was wondering the same thing. I've not played the game but I assumed it was a portmanteau of 泊める and フレンド
#11, get ninja'd bro lol. Also 泊める =/= 泊まる. It's a friend that he's letting stay at his house, not the other way around.
#11 post edit, This is how I'd translate it, peanut gallery will probably tear into it (mainly for translation of 仲間, kinda hard to translate to English in this context, but 'partner' probably sounds better and fits the feel better than 'comrade' even though the latter is probably more correct): "A convenient, comfortable relationship... partner that's more than a friend, less than a lover that starts from staying over at someone's house-- That's what a tomefure is."Last modified on 2019-06-04 at 11:24
#11 by eacil
2019-06-04 at 10:47
I believe it's some bullshit the game made up of the verb tomeru (to lodge) and tomodachi (friend). It's supposed to show a relationship which is between friend and lover, I guess.
Edit: #10, yeah, you are right, I quickly copy pasted the wrong English translation from tomaru without seeing the transitivity changed when I was reading the definition on the game website and saw someone answered in the meantime... I should have deleted my post but wasting so much time on a moege for nothing... I just couldn't.
You ninja'd me, you translate for the crowd.
Edit2: honestly this definition made me laugh when you read the game starts with enkou...Last modified on 2019-06-04 at 11:28
#12 by ramaladni
2019-06-04 at 22:55
Having just read clephas's short review of the game this sounds about right. Thanks.
#13 by silentshe2p
2019-06-07 at 01:26
I doubt a translation would do this game an justice especially if it's packed with meme and references like OP said.
I'm playing Sankaku Ren'ai from the same scenario writer but the translation just doesn't feel right to me (I know this kind of translation is a hard job and I don't want to start another war here)
So is the romance and character development is super forgettable (maybe non-exist for the later) here too?
#14 by 0sekundes0
2019-06-09 at 02:51
#5 Well, big breast is like one of the game's niche, it makes sense that they are all big breasted and they make that exaggerated. I believe that it's more a moege than a nukige, maybe something between. In the end there's a lot of sex scenes, but there's a development before it comes to that, quite the length one by the way.

#6 It can be taken as romancing, but I believe it's more like flirting, sorry I could remember the word "flirting" when I was writing

#13 To be honest, I participated in a translation project before and I can say that it's not that easy. I also played Sankaku Ren'Ai, but that kind of translation is VERY typical to Mangagamer. I believe that they try to "Westernalize" the games. That by itself is not wrong, just today I saw a scene in Shiina's route where they make a translation substituting Doraemon(Original) for Pogeymon(Pokemon, Mangagamer). I mean, that's still OK as I believe as it's likely some players may not know Doraemon, but most certainly knows pokemon(and if they don't then...well...they tried). If you can understand the Japanese dialog you can feel quite uncomfortable reading the translation and you MOST CERTAINLY will spot a dialog where they change basically everything and the joke doesn't makes sense. But then again, it's likely a lot of people will still not get if they just translate it to the letter. My conclusion is that it would be best a more faithful translation and a player that has enough japanese(language or cultural) knowledge, which is quite dificult if you want to SELL stuff.Last modified on 2019-06-09 at 02:53
#15 by kiru
2019-06-09 at 07:50
Not sure why this game would be that hard to translate anyway. This game feels rather harmless, aside of a few references, which are however not really that important for the overall game. (They are mostly not part of jokes or anything) It's not particularly heavy on real comedy either. For the most part, you can probably just translate this pretty normally without losing out on much.
#16 by eacil
2019-06-09 at 10:52
I also played Sankaku Ren'Ai, but that kind of translation is VERY typical to Mangagamer.
Problem: NekoNyan is the one which localized this title.
#17 by 0sekundes0
2019-06-09 at 20:11
#16 Well, then I believe we now have 2 companies that makes that kind of translation


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