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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2019-06-07 at 08:25
I don't remember why I bought this VN long ago, but what happened was that something I really wanted went on sale very soon after I started reading this, so I dropped it. Recently I decided to pick it up and finish it, as it's been such a long time since I last read a school moege. I wouldn't want to read too many of those all at once, so I figured I should read one now. Veteran TLer Agilis already wrote a review of this back in 2008 here link , but since I wrote a while ago that I would comment on the VNs I read, I guess that means I gotta do it¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

What jumps out at you when reading the plot summary is the term "Random Event System," which is actually Cotton Soft's term for the game's map movement mechanic. It's very much like most other moeges where you pick a character/place on a map to steer the game's story towards the girl you like, however instead of selecting characters or places, you are selecting a short story instead link. One choice will very often further your relationship with more than one heroine, because realistically, girls in high school don't usually hang out alone. This, combined with the relative lack of CGs in this part of the game, means that the 100% CG walkthrough requires you to make only one playthrough of this section of the game, and to clear the heroines' routes, you basically just load one save and make only several choices to get to the other routes. In short, walkthrough users like myself will find this game to be much shorter than it actually is, as there are many events to choose from throughout the game and it will take a few playthroughs to read all of them.

But what I liked most about this VN was how much effort was put into the characters. Without going into too much detail, the protagonist makes some rather unsettling career choices that you wouldn't imagine any Japanese person would make ever. In fact, you'll find that the further you read this, the more often you'll notice that the characters in the game do things, or end up in many different situations that Japanese society doesn't think very highly of. Things like being a single mother, graffiti, littering, etc. I don't want to explain too much because of spoilers, but basically the plot was designed to put a lot of its readers out of their comfort zones. I figured this would be just another generic moege, but boy was I wrong.

As for reading difficulty, It's definitely not the hardest VN to read, however I think it's considerably harder to read than the majority of JVNs out there. The expressions and humor can be hard to follow sometimes, unlike most of the VNs I've read in the past. Some parts of the game are kind of easy though.

I don't have much to say compared to my past reviews, not only because there's already a good review of this, but also because I only read Natsuo's route. I'm feeling awfully burned out from reading so much Japanese over the last 2+ years, so I think I'll call it quits on this game, even though I might recommend this to most people. I also said I'll read The Guts! soon, which I look forward to considering how unusual it is. The hentai for it is in English and called "Women at Work," its kind of hilarious.


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