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#1 by mysterycorgi
2019-06-07 at 21:32
I just added a couple links to the Steam page to r37297 and because I've seen the same done for other releases, but I realized that r37297 has the steam page listed as the "Official Website" whereas r52361 has the Japanese homepage.
r45154 and r37954 have the denpasoft page listed as the "Official Website" while r46569 has the Future-digi page listed. I wouldn't have noticed this without digging for it as I'm used to seeing store pages listed in the notes and homepages listed in the links section. (For example: r47706 r49087 r31540)
I've decided to hold off on making any further changes until I get an answer here. I just want to clarify, is there a standardized method or preference for links to storefronts? Should they be in just the release page's links field (maybe with a clearer name than "Official Website") or should those links be put in the notes section? I recognize that there is some variation between how various users add information to the pages, so I want to avoid making more work for other folks. Personally, I'm more than happy to make edits conform to a standardized method but I also enjoy editing spreadsheets for fun, haha.
Let me know what the best course of action is. Thanks.
#2 by ramaladni
2019-06-07 at 22:19
It should be possible to link the official homepage on the VN's "External links" section (instead of Wikipedia lol) and then we could just add the storefront links to the release-specific entries.
#3 by eacil
2019-06-07 at 23:17
My personal guideline for the Official Website (OW) field and note field linking (from memory, subject to edits):

Links Hierarchy:
1/developer's dedicated website
2/publisher's dedicated website (yes, even Japanese devs can have publishers e.g. their parent company)
3/for doujins, whatever non formal platform the dev is using (a forum thread, a store like itchio[1], or even facebook) as a primary webpage but privilege the webpage with the most content
4/publisher's store (sometimes they are dedicated webpage with a big buy button)
5/third party's store if exclusive

[1] It overlaps 5/ but doujins kinda break the categories anyway and official websites with them can be more "best-effort" links than anything else.


*You should privilege the publisher's website if they made a dedicated website over a tiny and ugly web*page* from the developer. Still better than a store.

*If a release has two or more official websites (one from the dev, one from the publisher, maybe a portal website), use one for the OW field and list the others in the note.
>A website is better than a webpage.
>A website is better than a portal because a portal doesn't focus on the specific game but you might consider linking to the game section of the portal if it's better.
>Do not list every crappy channel a doujin dev is using but apply control damage by linking only the most relevant pages or the least disgusting link out of the bin.

*Do not forget it's about the release, not the game. Meaning that if a random Japanese publisher publishes a low-price re-release, the game still has its dedicated website featuring the game inside the re-release, but what matters here is the publisher's website with info on the re-release. Unless the dev updated its official website, do not link the "old" website.
>The corollary has to do with very new releases. By very new releases I don't mean scheduled releases like a download edition two to six months later but low-priced releases, releases with edited content like r61787, yes, download editions release years later and only published on DMM without any other info fell into that category (in that case you link DMM), HD releases, etc.
It makes the old website irrelevant unless it was updated which means that you consider it to be non-existent and look if you can find info on this new release, and apply the method. It means that if you find nothing, you link nothing even if there is indeed a relevant website for previous releases (like a low price edition doesn't update the content). It happens.
>trial and patches are special releases, link to the dedicated web*page* which will help you get them (do not link to the download itself directly if you can avoid it)

*Never use steam as OW if other stores distribute the product (it's unfair) nor do you list them in the note (we don't do this for dlsite/getchu/DMM/etc. don't we?). Add steam or other stores in the note if it's an exclusive release (if it wasn't listed as OW, of course). I don't do that because I am not here to do their marketing without being paid like a fucking consumer sheep. That's why I remove steam links in the note if other stores distribute. An exclusive store link seems to be considered a source of information """valuable""" enough to be linked in the note so I don't reverse those edits even it's questionable. I also don't barge in when every stores has been credited.Last modified on 2019-06-08 at 02:16
#4 by mysterycorgi
2019-06-08 at 03:36
#2 Oof, I feel that, lol.
#3 I think your method is really great, it seems well thought out. I'm also hoping to add links and other non-Steam storefront as I can because I want to support the developers as much as possible. Of course my goal is to be accurate, so the Steam storefront will also be a priority if it's not already present. (Being a developer may have given me a bias, lol. Currently that bias isn't in favor of certain storefronts.)
Thanks for your input.


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