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#1 by 3i1
2019-06-09 at 11:45
For Your Smile ~Anata no Koto wa, Suki Deshita~ is an anomalous work in the NTR genre.

Getting this out of the way, It is pure NTR, no good ends for our couple being depicted.
Our protagonist is heartbroken in every ending.

However. And it's a big however. How this visual novel differs from your generic works flooding the genre, is that it is a pure love story.
If of course… one were to cut out our protagonist's relationship from the picture.

The story starts with our protagonist, (Nameable kun) confessing to his senpai, Misaki Nanako former student council president in the student council room. The confession is made on Nanako's graduation day. However, Nanako plans to go to a university in Tokyo, thus the couples time is limited until she moves to the city.
Protag kun vows to follow in her footsteps and enter the same university etc etc. Thus begins our long distance relationship.

We all know where this is going right?

The majority of the story is told from the MC's perspective, back in his hometown as he tosses and turns worrying about the future of their relationship.
Whilst everything is smooth sailing at the start, the relationship turns rocky as the sands of time weather our couple and Nanako's attitude begins to feel distant.
Our MC isn't your perfect nice guy either. He has his flaws, which whilst aren't too delved upon are present enough for the story being told. These begin to show when the two spend time apart.

The first part of the story is relatively short but has a proper build up, until the climax where he witnesses Nanako with another man when he visits her in Tokyo.

What also sets this apart from your average NTR vn are a few factors, one being that there is a proper catharsis to Nanako's actions. MC is justifiably angry and a satisfying ending to the relationship is presented which is lacking in a lot of NTR titles.

A "Karma ending" for those wanting this sort of development exists. Whilst it was a little too revenge wish fulfilment for how hastily it was thrown in, the characterisation given to the antagonist supports this ending so it isn't entirely unbelievable.
I would've liked to have seen this part elaborated on more, for example, whilst some of the other cliche cuck endings feel superfluous.

Are we all ready for the magic aphrodisiacs, drugs, the yakuza, blackmail, debt, hypnosis, rape etc? No? There's none, so no frustrating scenes of convenience.
As mentioned previously, the relationship between the heroine Nanako and the antagonist stems from admiration, as he woos her with his charm and all that. It is well developed and feels believable so points for that.
It's simply a story about Nanako falling in love with someone else, whilst stringing along the MC due to the feelings of guilt she harbours.

Endings are a hit and miss. There are two which are interesting the rest are sub par and bring down the enjoyment somewhat. The physical distance in the relationship feels too much like an absolute. Side characters like the kouhai play too little of a role etc etc.

Interesting premise and narrative being told that is able to avoid a lot of the trappings of the NTR genre. Albeit contains issues which bring down the overall story.Last modified on 2019-06-09 at 11:45
#2 by aserdghgj
2019-06-10 at 06:20
can you please elaborate the story of the endings?
#3 by 3i1
2019-06-10 at 09:17
There are no "routes" in this visual novel. The story ends when the MC confronts Nanako in her apartment on her birthday. They both had promised to spend her birthday together, however, the MC decides to surprise her in the way of visiting her a day earlier (The previous night). To which he encounters her inviting Gouichi (The antagonist) into her apartment.
So the MC sneaks into her apartment the following morning to find the truth whilst she is out, afterwards leaving and returning to the apartment later. At this point he confronts her and the story starts again from the beginning from Nanako's perspective.

Once the MC leaves the apartment the main story ends, and depending on player choice during the game you receive one of many endings.

I believe the first 3? Or so are your generic poorly written cuck endings. For example, the classic 'MC sets up camera's in ex-gf's apartment and masturbates whilst watching her sex videos with the antagonist' despite this fetish coming out of nowhere. Or the otherwise 'sadistic' end where she berates the MC whilst giving him a footjob etc etc.

The next one is slightly better written, where the story then skips to a later point in time where Nanako is at work in the morning and her colleague (Mirai - sub character) remarks that they will be receiving new hires that day. However, Nanako is too busy reminiscing about the previous night where she was giving analingus to Gouichi. Her colleague (Mirai) is surprised, due to there being rumours of a highly successful student joining the company, which is implied to be the MC. But as previously mentioned Nanako is half listening to the conversation whilst we get a few CG scenes of her devotion to her new boyfriend.

The final ending, which is the most interesting, begins after the credits roll. It starts with Nanako monologue in which she tells us the readers, that after she had broken up with the MC, her life with Gouichi was perfect. Until Gouichi began to change that is...
Gouichi would constantly ask her where she was or what she was doing, slowly showing insecurity and dependency traits. He would constantly keep watch over who she was with and started limiting her actions. Nanako remarks that she caught him going through her phone, checking up on all past messages etc, to which she became furious and told him to never touch her belongings without her permission again, and he hit her.
After this, she tells us that his behaviour would worsen from this point including the fact that he would constantly beat her. This ended up with him confining her to his apartment for days.
She tells us she manages to escape, but he catches her before she can contact the police or return home and brings her back.

Mirai (Gouichi works at this same company) begins to get suspicious of her sudden leave of absence from her part-time work and she starts asking questions towards Gouichi, to which he, of course, feigns ignorance etc.
Nanako then tells us that Gouichi had become so obsessed with her at this point, he had hired the Yakuza?? to break her mentally so she would become obedient. We are given a CG scene of her being raped by these "hires".
However, someone called the police or something due to the previous domestic violence and after investigating Gouichi's smartphone they had found ties to the Yakuza. The police had stormed in and found Nanako being confined etc and the monologue ends with Gouichi going to prison? or something to that matter.

After this traumatising experience, she takes an indefinite leave from college and returns to her parent's place in her hometown (where the MC is). She remarks that she wished she had never broken up with the MC and she wasn't aware of what she had at the time.
We then get a scene where Nanako is waiting at the school gates for the MC to leave school. She plans to pretend this was a coincidence, so she has a chance to talk to the MC again and ask if he would be willing to give her another chance, despite monologuing that what she did was unforgivable.

However, when she sees the MC walking out of school, he is with his kouhai and they begin to hold hands. She sees the two kiss from behind when they leave the school gates, and the scene ends with Nanako remarking that the MC is capable of holding hands on his own accord, after which she starts crying. (At the start of the visual novel she chastises the MC for not being able to hold hands with her since she was the one who always used to initiate it.)

At first glance, it seems like pure revenge wish fulfilment, however Gouichi always had these character traits, which were subtly let on throughout Nanako's side of the story. Gouichi's wife had committed suicide, and this plot point was a large part of Nanako's and his relationship. Nanako helping Gouichi get over his past and telling him that it wasn't his fault etc.
These events had caused their relationship to deepen with the two falling in love with each other at this point, however Gouichi had always remarked that he had no idea why his previous wife had killed herself.
Through Nanako's epilogue, it is monologued that she finally understands as to why his previous wife had killed herself. She surmises that this was due to his obsessive tendencies and domestic violence. Although the exact reason is never fully revealed to the reader.

Whilst the ending is good, the writers wish to have their cake (The cuck fetish endings) and eat it too (The "true?" DV end). And unfortunately, it doesn't work. As it cheapens the narrative and takes time away from fleshing out this last ending I had just mentioned, which is definitely needed if you wish to tackle these sorts of issues.Last modified on 2019-06-10 at 12:28


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