Lyrics translation, please?

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#1 by raccooncitizen
2019-06-10 at 14:31
The CG might be a bit spoilish though?


If possible, write both versions (original and translation).
#2 by fuukanou
2019-06-10 at 16:05
Your mileage may vary on the romaji (depending on the writer, songs tend to have lots of words with non-standard readings) and so they may be slightly wrong. Also I have to gloss this because I couldn't find a good way to phrase it, but the first two lines are one "sentence" as it were. In addition, for a while now I've not done 'direct' mechanical-sounding translations for about a year now (I used to but then I found it was meaningless. This Japanese is easy enough for an amateur to read and if you can't do that I assume you can't read Japanese at all meaning one of those hardly English translations will be no use to you.) and have got a bit of flexibility. If you're one of those Neko-nyan haters then, oh well.
In addition, the double spacing in the romaji I put in doesn't seem to be working. That's annoying.

きっときっと 変わらない気持ちのまま
ずっとずっと 信じてると教えてよ

隣で笑ってる その声が
夕立が過ぎて 虹が掛かって

何度でも 何度でも
何度でも 伝えたいよ
心をこめた ありがとうと
いつまでも いつまでも
今までいつも ありがとう
夕暮れすぎの 帰り道

kitto kitto kawaranai kimochi no mama
zutto zutto shinjiteru yo to oshiete yo

tonari de waratteru sono koe ga
futari no subete wo uketomete
yuudachi ga sugite niji ga kakatte
shiawase na jikan

nandodemo nandodemo
nandodemo tsutaetai
kokoro wo komete arigatou to
itsumademo itsumademo
kawaranai egao de
ima made itsumo arigatou
yuugure sugi no kaerimichi

With your feelings surely surely unchanging,
Tell me that you'll keep believing forever and ever

Your voice laughing by my side
Accepts everything about the two of us
The sudden evening shower passes, and a rainbow appears in the sky
What a joyful time

Over and over again
Over again, I want to tell you
From the bottom of my heart: thank you
With an eternal, eternal
Unchanging smile
Thank you for everything you've done until now
On the path home just after sunsetLast modified on 2019-06-10 at 16:12
#3 by raccooncitizen
2019-06-10 at 16:31
I just read (or listened to) that part again with your translation on the side and, thank you very much. Really. I wanted to understand the meaning since it was a song dedicated to him.


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