Now this is what a true masterpiece should be

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#1 by shaoping
2019-06-11 at 04:51
I am in complete awe at the high quality of this VN. As a nakige it has blown everything else I have seen out of the water. I probably have to bump many of my 10 and almost 10 scores for other VNs down to 9 because the level of perfection achieved in this VN forced me to reevaluate my standards.

To give a perspective if we were to compare the feels moments to the classic Key VNs and Angel Beats.
( This spoiler is for Clannad and Angel Beats)
The Yui departure Scene in Angel Beats, Tomoya reconciling with Ushio only to see her die later in Clanned are perfect enough for many to give those stories a 10/10. However going by this standard I would argue that each and every one of the routes in Sakura Moyu has one of those moments.

Personally I rate VNs mostly only with 8,9, and 10. 8 is I enjoyed the best moments enough to read through the whole VN or almost the whole vn. 9 is for nakige that have executed their best moment very well. 10 is reserved for nakiges with a true route that are tie up their story perfectly. And yes I do follow the recommendation of only 3 10s. I bump the previous 10s to 9.9 or 9.8 when something I find surpasses them. Also if we were to use the Clannad and Angel Beats example I would give Yui moment a 9 and Ushio moment a 10. Since I mainly grade on the best moment and not the overall route, then if I were to follow this metric, I would give Hiyori route a 8.5 9 for the side character arc and 8 for the heroine arc, Chiwa Route a very solid 9, Haru Route a 9.5(If I didn't reserve 10s for true routes I would have given this a 10) and Kuro Route a very solid 10.

I have never seen a visual novel with this level of quality nakige in all routes. An 8.5 with moments of 9, a solid 9, a 9.5, and a 10. I can't how speechless I am feeling about what I just saw. I have seen really good true routes before but they are always accompanied buy one or more mediocre routes or decent routes that doesn't tie into the main plot but this VN has NONE, ABSOLUTELY NONE. There is no way that this doesn't stand out to you guys right! I repeat NOT A SINGLE ROUTE is mediocre they each have moments of perfection within them. Not only that, each Route also reveal more and more of the world and deepens your understanding of the other routes. No character is extra and always plays a major part or is the major focus in at least one route. If you like Nakige(stories that bring the feels) and you don't consider this a masterpiece then I have nothing more to say but if you are like me and constantly are searching for more nakige stories then please give it a try. You will find out what it truly means for a VN to be a masterpiece, a classic that redefines the standards of what's possible.

Highly recommend order of Hiyori->Chiwa->Haru->Kuro for best experience.Last modified on 2019-06-11 at 05:17
#2 by sakurakoi
2019-06-11 at 06:29
Can't help but love how yet again there is what is basically a positive rant for what is supposed to be claimed as a masterpiece.

For after all literary every point or rather the sole point "all routes are flawless" can not be contested due to the little fact that there are no examples. (What is the new standard?)

No context, not otherwise counting any possible arguments, including the very first and foremost criticism that is leveled at Nakige (not stories that bring the feels, that's what Drama is already):

Utterly forced drama. Forget about suspending your disbelief, they demand of ye to accept that the author plays god, a sadistic one. Plenty of premises, one unlikely coincidence after another, characters suddenly acting stupid at the very worst of times and magic, don't forget how arbitrary it can be. It's like the standard for Nakige to violate the human mind with magic which indeed is considered a taboo for many. Why are Nakige literary always "fantasy"?
#3 by shaoping
2019-06-11 at 07:21
Hmm from what you have said it seems that you don't like nakiges that much and that's fine. I am not going to try to persuade you otherwise. I will answer the points you made tho in case anyone else who is reading this is interested.

First let me get my bias out of the way. For me personally if a story is able to present and execute an idea spectacularly than I can overlook its downsides because over time the only thing I remember from my experience of playing a VN is pretty much those tearjerking emotional moments of the story. This is because the reason I got into anime and VNs is that I was surprised at how the stories of some of these VNs were able to emotionally resonate with me in a way that other media just couldn't(clannad was my first anime). Therefore I always look for VNs with a Nakige style and have a strong bias towards them.

I would not say that Sakura Moyu has routes that are all flawless but it does execute its ideas very well in its best moments. Tooya's Arc in Hyori's Route executes the theme of "Keeping a promise". Chiwa's Route's Theme of the "Bond between a foster father(who is bad at expressing himself) and daughter". Haru's Route's Theme of "We should have never have met(kinda like Star Crossed Lovers in a sense)". And Kuro/True Route's theme of "everyone has someone that that would like to become". Each of these themes is then also superimposed on the main plot element of wishes can be granted but you must pay an equivalent price to realize them. These execution of each of these themes in their best moments are why I give the 9,9,9.5, and 10 scores.

In regards to suspension of belief and the fantasy element, Nakige often have magic realism and some level of suspension of belief because there are not meant to be taken super realistically and practically. I think it was one of joyjason's reviews on Niijima Yuu's works that explains this the best. He said that Niijima Yuu's work (and in my opinion all nakige to some extent) are fairy tales. You don't criticize a fairy tale(think Cinderella) for not being realistic enough because its purpose is to convey and idea or moral and not to give you a realistic tale. Thats why I judge nakige routes on if they can execute on an idea/theme well while bringing an emotional impact.Last modified on 2019-06-11 at 07:25
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2019-06-11 at 15:20
i agree that this vn is true masterpiece but if author do more work to complete the world setting in it. have incomplete world setting is okay and it is normal for majority vn but it doesn't mean let the reader feel incomplete when they read true route.

in hiyori route, the incomplete element is not too real but you must rack your brain to keep important information to relate any kind of hint you find in there

in chiwa route, mostly like hiyori but sometime you will feel something weird about her real timeline

in haru route, you must keep calm when meet too much incomplete element. because her route is too complex since it have some relation to toa siblings and kuro route after that

in kuro route, the readers undoubtedly will feel that this vn is very incomplete in fundamental. and i'm pretty sure that almost the readers will get confuse with how the reincarnation cycle in this vn work . not only that i feel it get rushed too in the last part after the real taiga save boku. but that's why i hope we get sequel after that like what happen to astral air.

honestly, when i see people rate this vn to below of 5 is make me oh boy! then why you read it. because this kind of people usually never bother the true meaning in the vn
#5 by diabloryuzaki
2019-06-11 at 15:22
#2 then try realive, it give some sci-fi nuance but still can make you cry. or maybe try to read some memories off series, most of them didn't have magic elemental but still make you cry because it give "painful reality"
#6 by shaoping
2019-06-11 at 18:22
#4 Yes I agree there is still many inconsistencies but pretty much every story has some inconsistency or bad decision by the characters. That's why I like to rate based on how well executed the best moments were in each route. That is why I am still in shock with how amazing that each route has a moment on par with the famous moments of other top nakige. Here are what I feel are the best moments of each route:

Hyori's Route: "The reveal that Tooya's friend's wish is to accomplish her grandmother's promise to play together with Tooya and never forget about her"

Chiwa's Route: Nahato's perspective of the events of the past and Using his last moments to save Chiwa's from death after childbirth(TBH the protag of Chiwa's route is more Nahato than the MC)

Haru's Route: Haru's mother appearing in the graveyard of time: apologizing for what she has done, revealing that she really did love Haru all this time, and encouraging Haru when Haru has lost the will to keep on searching for a happy ending with the MC

Kuro's Route: The reveal that MC knew all along that Kuro was by his side but had hide that from Kuro for his entire life in so that he could fulfill his wish that he and Kuro could both become the same type of life so that they can live together with the same lifespan which allow them to never be separated even in death thanks to life itself being immortal due to the country of night

As you can see almost all of these moments are reveals and most were completed unexpected and unpredictable due to the style of writing and the constant scene shifts. It gives the feeling that as the reader we are trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle to solve a mystery. Yet each time we we completed the puzzle(reached the reveal) we find that the pieces(scenes) that we were putting together did not become what we expected giving us a nice surprise. Also the fact that in each route a side character was given a leading or main role provides a refreshing shift from the cliche that only the MC can save the day.
#7 by essword
2019-06-12 at 03:50
Almost every single character has the Self-sacrifice tag. That's how you know it's a good game.
#8 by diabloryuzaki
2019-06-12 at 04:45
#7 well, not all but sometime i think that tag is not defined well in this vn
#9 by onetrueemiya
2019-06-16 at 04:40
Pacing issues stop this work from becoming truly 10/10 imo. Yes, Favourite VNs tend to drag on forever but that's really no excuse for it to do so when it could've been a much tighter work. I tend to binge VNs if I can, with some minor exceptions here and there, but Sakura Moyu came close to making me put it on hold due to its ridiculous bloat. Honestly, if OP2 didn't kick in when it did and Sakura Moyu didn't play right then, I would've genuinely considered putting it on hold.

The art, music, characters (bar Hiyori) and overall atmosphere of the work still shines through though, and that's why I do have it on a 9/10. It's just sadly so agonisingly close to perfection and yet so, so far.
#10 by kiru
2019-06-16 at 06:46
^Japan liked Baldr Sky Dive1+2. A game that somehow managed to put 1 hour of content into 80 hours. It feels like Haruhi's Endless 8 anime adaption.
So it's easy to see, why this isn't an issue there. If you don't like that style, it's obviously unfortunate. I'm in that camp as well.
#11 by shaoping
2019-06-17 at 02:12
#9 A reasonable argument. The pace of Urushibara Yukito work is slower then most VNs. Although it has improved much from Irotoridori no Sekai(no more long common route where nothing is happening). What did you think about the moments I mentioned above in each route? I feel like the fact that every one of them being execute very well makes this 10 worthy since I have never seen another VN that manages to reach this level of execution on every single route.Last modified on 2019-06-17 at 02:13


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