worst visual novel ever

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#1 by thedrazen
2019-06-12 at 15:40
< report >bla bla bla bla blaaaa airplanes
#2 by ffthewinner
2019-06-12 at 19:06
< report >the rating highly disagrees with you lol.
#3 by matmic
2019-06-12 at 21:37
< report >Onii-Chan
Not that Onii-chan is the worst visual novel ever, but it is definetly worse then this.Last modified on 2019-06-12 at 21:38
#4 by mutsuki
2019-06-12 at 23:05
< report >I can appreciate that the infodumping can be hard on some people (personally I had never seen it before and I was interested in the descriptions) but I personally think the patience pays off in this game. It's one of the better 'let's do something' VNs if you see it to the end.

translation's p crap tho so play in japanese if possible. If not then the translation is okay enough but know that a good number of lines are plain old translated wrong- which in itself is ok because it's so inconsistent in what it gets wrong that you'll be able to spot the inconsistencies and correct it for yourself whether you understand japanese or notLast modified on 2019-06-12 at 23:06
#5 by bobjr2000
2019-06-13 at 17:39
< report >Doesn't have lowest rating on site but has most votes on first page and is pretty low.

#6 by sakurakoi
2019-06-13 at 17:47
< report >^Well, it is pretty much a terrible game with very little visual novel.
#7 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-13 at 20:19
< report >Heh pretty Sildier was okay. Its downside is the gameplay as your characters hit rate is abysmal, your enemies in the 20% hit rate are more likely to hit than your characters 90% hit.
I wanted the sequel TLd :/
#8 by teamkazato
2019-08-16 at 17:08
< report >I also highly disagree and say that If my Heart had Wings is one Visual Novel that you defintely need to read.
Music and Artstyl is Godlike.
And Characters are also pretty good.
I give it a 9/10 overall.
#9 by noirx
2019-08-17 at 11:06
< report >If you don't like it, don't read it. As simple as that. Even a 12yo knows that. Unless ofc, you're smaller(in any possible way in size XD) than a 12yo
#10 by sakurakoi
2019-08-17 at 14:40
< report >
Unless ofc, you're smaller(in any possible way in size XD) than a 12yo

Seriously, indeed I just stopped reading it midway. I would not describe the audiovisuals as exceptional but those are always secondary unless they (figuratively) make yer eyes/ears bleed. Sure, it is awesome if they are awesome but in this case, nah.

What matters first and foremost are the characters and story which are fine on one side (well, I did not read everything) while the story was just the usual, meaning that indeed the infodump is what breaks the pace.

Not the worst, not by far, yet not the best/universally recommendable, not by far, either.

Let's not talk about the localization.
#11 by kiru
2019-08-17 at 15:57
< report >The writer can't into pacing. This game here is still comparatively fine, though it has a pretty shitty plot going on. The stargazing one is awful though. He doesn't do "show, don't tell". He doesn't do a simple "tell" either. He does "show AND tell". All the damn time. All the damn flashbacks tend to be about things you know about anyway. Pointless. Padding. His trademark, really.

Not everyone minds that, obviously. There are even much worse padded games out there that were even better received. Objectively bad writing isn't mattering much, unless you start to have quite a bit of experience... or something. I don't really know. I only know that people surprisingly like padding, pointless drama that doesn't change anything and extremely obvious progression (i.e. everything is VERY black and white) in visual novels. Asta uses all of that.
I'd assume it's the same idea like people checking the last chapter of a book after reading the first few, to know how it ends. Can't do that in a VN, so they are written differently..? Who knows.

In other words: In this case it's really preferences. But it's actually to the point, where those who don't like this writer tend to really not get what's good about it. It's two extremely different ways of appreciating a work. Luckily this doesn't just have stuff by the main writer. And one of the other two writers was actually quite alright, though probably not for those who like the main writer of this. (really different style.) Makes it a little awkward.Last modified on 2019-08-17 at 15:58
#12 by nash21
2020-06-09 at 05:01
< report >Someone who gives Umineko a 7 should not have an opinion.
#13 by omikron
2020-06-09 at 07:23
< report >Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete - the worst VN ever? I can't disagree more!

If you really think this VN is bad, you clearly haven't played any bad ones!
#14 by silvercover
2020-06-10 at 14:39
< report >probably bait post considering OP has little to no actual criticism.
#15 by forever-here
2020-06-10 at 15:06
< report >#13 that doesn't discount that this is part of the bad ones.
#14 dude that IS legit criticism. dragging the common route with terminologies that nobody cares about for the sake of bloating the script? or please, give me a reason to care.
#16 by ninigi
2020-06-10 at 15:31
< report >
dude that IS legit criticism. dragging the common route with terminologies that nobody cares about for the sake of bloating the script? or please, give me a reason to care.

Yeah sure cuz every single human on this planet is hating airplanes, including pilots...
#17 by forever-here
2020-06-10 at 15:40
< report >^so if you're not a pilot? see where I'm going?

>b-b-but it's not for everyone.

then for some it'll be shit right? see?
#18 by ninigi
2020-06-10 at 15:51
< report >Sure Pendel, whatever you say. Pretty sure the votes are agree with you lol.
#19 by mutsuki
2020-06-10 at 16:01
< report >wait pendel is back?
#20 by forever-here
2020-06-10 at 16:06
< report >>namecalling

yeah I'm done
#21 by encrypted12345
2020-06-10 at 18:57
< report >@12 I like Umineko a lot, but that ending is pretty divisive. If I did abhor the ending, 7 is still a pretty reasonable score.
#22 by silvercover
2020-06-10 at 23:02
< report >dude the summary explicitly tells you its a story of them forming a club to be able to fly, if you didn't expect there to be plane terminologies and talks then you shouldn't have bothered to get into it over dozens of other VNs. and even then, do you really think that's enough to actually consider something as "the worst VN"? cause that would mean there's a lot of VNs that fall in that category, in which case you can hardly call this one worst out of the others.
#23 by forever-here
2020-06-14 at 04:19
< report >#22 summary is just that: a summary. writing is still the biggest factor here. you could use that summary to either write a 1-2 scenario and then jump to the heroine routes, or just infodump the living shit out of planes, couple that with more mindless SoL shit, and then jump to the heroine routes.
#24 by alexdft
2020-06-14 at 08:27
< report >It's pretty bad, but not even close to being the worst.
#25 by cockblockula
2020-06-14 at 16:15
< report >over abundance of info-dumping. Not enough focus on the characters, imo.