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#1 by 3123213
2019-06-14 at 20:35
Why was my tag removed? Did I write something wrong or something? This tag should be in hentai. Even the manga is with this genre. I do not understand why you could remove my tag, please add back ! You even have 3DCG novels to which you can put this tag. So I think that my tag is not superfluous. As you can see, I'm bad at English. So that you can correct describe tag. Bring him back.
#2 by forever-here
2019-06-14 at 20:37
well I guess you could say you got...


...I'll show myself out.
#3 by warfoki
2019-06-14 at 20:44
Okay, mate, I linked the reason why it was removed. Also, please don't spam the board with new threads about this, keep it in t3617.


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