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#1 by rizumonza
2019-06-18 at 01:39
There you go!! The English version that I have been waiting for long long time. Praise the Lord! Thank You Harukaze & Fruitbat for your hard work, appreciate it so much. (still waiting for the 18+ btw)Last modified on 2019-06-18 at 01:41
#2 by periah250
2019-06-18 at 04:43
Lol yea not touching this shit until it gets the 18 patch
#3 by failures
2019-06-18 at 09:34
Pretty much what #2 said. And it's a shame this delicious cutie's route link is in the sequel.
#4 by kiru
2019-06-18 at 11:24
^Joke's on you. She doesn't have a route there either. Maybe it was supposed to be one at some point, but alas.
#5 by sakurakoi
2019-06-18 at 11:30
Well, when does an ending become a route? A quite interesting question I suppose~

P.S.: at least it's not based on PS4 version link
Nintendo no ecchi!Last modified on 2019-06-18 at 11:47
#6 by usagi
2019-06-18 at 11:32
still waiting for the 18+ btw
Not gonna happen. Fruitbat Factory is not exactly known for their 18+ releases, so to speak. It's focused exclusively on all ages and consoles localisations. To expect 18+ release from them would be as strange as from NIS America or Aksys Games, for example.

Lol yea not touching this shit until it gets the 18 patch
Then just forget about it.

P.S.: at least it's not based on PS4 version link ))Last modified on 2019-06-18 at 11:56
#7 by hotundeadaction
2019-06-18 at 18:21
Your best hope is for this to get the Eiyuu Senki treatment, but you may be waiting a while.
#8 by surferdude
2019-06-18 at 18:39
I won't be doing it, that's for sure.
#9 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-18 at 20:30
#6 None of them looks sexy. The sun rays at lesst leaves it up to the imagination.
Also lol at some PS4 VN port which left some uncensored nipples during the credits.
#10 by warfoki
2019-06-19 at 11:06
Legit question: does the ero actually matter in this VN, or it's just the usual "everyone's a shy virgin girl who's never seen a cock before" for sex-sells appeal with nothing remarkable, unique, plot- or character relevant? I'd look it up, but I don't want to spoil myself with non-ero CG in case I'll actually read this. If ero actually matters in this, then that's a hard pass, if it's just the usual dime-in-dozen innocent virgin shy girl nonsense, I've read that enough times that I'd probably just skip it anyway.
#11 by truetakuma
2019-06-20 at 22:25
How are the heroines development, tho?
they just look plain (like always, the side heroines are better) and boring to me.Last modified on 2019-06-20 at 22:25
#12 by rampaa
2019-06-20 at 23:24
Patricia wants to learn about the "magic of life" (ie. sex) and thinks porn magazines are some kind of special magical books. This is one of the very defining characteristics about her character. No matter how levelheaded she might be otherwise, she hard presses protag to teach her about the "magic of life". There are lots of running jokes and plot points about this.

And, if my memory serves me correctly, the fact that she and protag had sex in Pato's route is pretty important (Major spoiler ahead) Because she implies/says she might be pregnant to change protag's mind about going to underworld and leaving her alone.

In short, I think sex plays a significant role in the game, especially for character interactions. And those h-scenes are god damn good regardless of their significance.
#13 by bestkatalyn
2019-06-22 at 19:35
#12 Let's say that is so and the sex is important. That doesn't mean we actually have a need for the explicit scene with all the moaning and narrated actions (it gets old at this point).
Just like in a movie, you don't see the scene but the act is important and carries significance.

...but considering what kind of place this is, my opinion is probably very unpopular. No need to agree with it, that is just what I think. H-scenes themselves don't mean much, I can just look up the CGs later and that will be everything about them.Last modified on 2019-06-22 at 19:37
#14 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-22 at 19:57
I definitely agree #12. Its kinda funny that many pride themselves as intelectuals but theylet their dicks think for them and make their reading choices.
#15 by warfoki
2019-06-22 at 21:00
The problem is not the images and the moaning parts. I'll be honest, vanilla hentai doesn't really do it for me in that regard anyway. The point is that with these all ages editions, censorship often doesn't stop at removing just the explicit sex scene, but also rewriting parts to remove references for said scene, remove "too adult" implications and so on. Just look at Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete. Now in a lot of moeges you can cut the sex and lose nothing of value, since the sex scenes are unimaginative, cookie-cutter copies of the same "shy heroine's first time", even if this means that for this scene her personality does a total 180.

But if the sex is actually incorporated into story and is actually thought out properly, then you cannot remove it so cleanly, without fucking up the story, which is a hard dealbreaker for me. That's why I asked.
#16 by eltonan
2019-06-23 at 01:05
@14 Yeah...…..about that. I don't think anyone actually reads visual novels for the "intellectual" content (even the ones which are supposedly well written and supposedly touch on philosophical concepts like Fate). What actually draws people to VN's is pretty much what entertainment value they can get of it. Whether that entertainment value comes in the form of a entertaining story/characters or whether is derived from 18+ content is irreverent. The point being: some people believe removing 18+ is detrimental as it potentially takes away from a VN's entertainment factor.

If anything basing your intelligence on what entertainment media you choose to consume feels more like pretentious pseudo-intellectualism more than anything else.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 11:30
#17 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 02:51
You see that all the time. Like many people will rate nukiges pretty low while having the typical e-cred VNs with high scores just because its "universally agreed" that they are good because it has pretentious premises and story.
Many 18+ VNs are ported to consoles which means not even a nipple on sight so obviously these VNs can work without sex (At least the detailed depictions of the intercourse arent necessary) so people literally disregarding VNs without sex while trying to depict themselves as appreciating the medium for its depth sounds very obnoxious.
#18 by kiru
2019-06-23 at 06:25
@12: It's not like references to sex will be removed. It's just the actual adult scenes. And as such I seriously disagree. This game is like most other games in that regard. The lewds are only important if you want the lewds. Period. And to be fair: Most people complaining do want the lewds for that reason. Not everyone likes to spell that out though.

That said, I found it more worrying to see TL issues by simply looking at a few screenshots. Given that I think that this game is one of the hardest to translate well out there, I hope it's just a huge coincidence...Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 06:28
#19 by rampaa
2019-06-23 at 08:44
It's not like references to X will be removed. It's just the actual X scenes. And as such I seriously disagree. This game is like most other games in that regard. The Xs are only important if you want the Xs. Period. And to be fair: Most people complaining do want the Xs for that reason. Not everyone likes to spell that out though.
Such a flawless argument. I applaud you for it.

Also you cannot guarantee no reference to sex will be removed when the sex scenes are removed. See #15.
#20 by warfoki
2019-06-23 at 10:02
@17 I rate nukiges lower most of the time than normal VNs, because there isn't a separate ranking for nukiges and non-nukiges, and as such I rate them based on the same standards. And most nukiges I've read have little to no character-development, story and the writing is cliched as hell and so on. So while the sex part is better, all the other specs I use to score a VN is way worse. If I go in for the porn, but I find the VN good beyond that, I have no problem rating it high. I gave Bible Black a 7.5 for one. (And yes, if you look at my list you'll see that that's a high score, as I rate things in the full 1-10 range, not 7-10.) On the other hand, I have Ruby Striker on my list, and while I absolutely love the artist's style, there really is nothing much else to it. The plot is non-existent, characterization ditto, voice acting is okay, sex scenes are cliched and lack creativity... Like, I'm not much ahead in terms of enjoyment by playing this than by just browsing through the the gallery of it on exhentai. And if I'd rate nukiges on art alone (even though that's the main aspect in terms of fappability)... well, that would be just unfair to non-nukiges.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 10:03
#21 by mrkew
2019-06-23 at 10:06
If you don't like ero in eroge, go back to watching anime. Simple as that. If the big-headed intellectuals who are above fapping to H-scenes want to read something, read what was originally all-ages, and don't ruin other people's enjoyment by forcibly removing 50-70% of the CG gallery and huge chunk of the script.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 10:12
#22 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 10:34
And if they want to release a game without H-scenes then let them. Dont like it? Then play the original one. Is that simple.
#23 by warfoki
2019-06-23 at 10:41
@22 In case you missed it, this is an English-speaking database, meaning that a whole lot of people do NOT have the option to read the original, because they quite simply can't. So stop being so full of it.
#24 by mrkew
2019-06-23 at 10:44
No, I will not let them. I am not one of those people who enable localization companies to only release ruined all-ages releases in the west, while keeping the full version overseas. If you don't understand romance and don't need vanilla H-scenes, good for you, skip them then. Don't forcibly take away the option to enjoy the full game from other people.
#25 That's what happens when you don't want to pay the full cost. There is no issue that wouldn't be solved by paying money. Maybe some of that money they wasted on ads on youtube and facebook.
A reminder that if, and that's a big if, anyone ever fixes this crap years down the line, that does not mean you should buy and support this original release. It gives incentive to the publisher to save on costs, because someone else will fix it for them.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 10:55
#25 by forever-here
2019-06-23 at 10:48

it's voice licensing guys. and to be fair VA licensing is expensive. at least that's their reasoning.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 10:49


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