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#26 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 10:50
You would get it taken anyways because when they localize it without them means they want people who dont care about H to buy it. Its not meant for you.
#27 by kiru
2019-06-23 at 12:05
@19: You can't even guarantee that the game runs for you. You can't guarantee anything. So if you want guarantees, that's not happening.

That said, generally speaking, the JP all-ages versions of VNs I was able to play had it still rather obvious what happens. Removing sex references in this game would make it completely nonsensical to even create. So I doubt the console version did that. What's missing is most likely just the lewd stuff. And that's replaced with something else. If you WANT the lewd stuff, that's fine. But it's not required for the story or whatever. It's just a bunch of moaning with the respective CG. And if you ask me, the adult only CG didn't even look that great, but that's another story.
I don't mind if people want this. I just think it's questionable to try and argue how it's NEEDED or else little else of value is there. This isn't a nukige or something that anchors the scenes deeply into the story-progression. Especially the latter is sometimes a thing, but basically never with moege-style games.

Obviously, what the translation does is another thing. It wouldn't be the first case for a game to be rewritten for younger audiences. Be it console games like Mugen Souls or VNs like Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete . But you can probably figure this out from reviews and whatnot, as that's usually fairly obvious. (hint: These games usually generate gigantic outcries)Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 12:09
#28 by infernoplex
2019-06-23 at 12:12
That said, I found it more worrying to see TL issues by simply looking at a few screenshots. Given that I think that this game is one of the hardest to translate well out there, I hope it's just a huge coincidence...

I read the intro a bit yesterday. They left the option to use Japanese subs along with English ones. And from what I've read so far, the translation... could have been better. To me, it felt very rough and not so well edited. It's not terrible or anything, just not that great overall. Maybe it's just me. I've seen some people enjoying it quite a lot, so I guess it's "good enough" by most VN readers' standards.
#29 by warfoki
2019-06-23 at 12:36
Honestly, most people reading VNs in the west don't know Japanese at all, so usually it's less about the translation accuracy and more about the translation flowing well and being coherent in English. Whether it's accurate or not, well most people can't tell anyway. The only annoyance in that regards if shit gets blatantly localized in a obnoxious manner. Like using dollars instead of yen, even if it's a story about Japanese characters playing out in Japan. Or using typical American dudebro slang in the translation. Basically shit that screamingly doesn't fit.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 12:36
#30 by rampaa
2019-06-23 at 12:41
#27: We can't even guarantee reality exists, right? It was presumptuous of me to talk about guarantees, please do excuse me. /s

I don't know what else do you expect from h-scenes to be important. The sex is a very important subject for the game, whether you acknowledge it or not.

It's the reason Pato put a hold on the all that "bring ruin to world" plan. It's the reason why Pato was jealous of a female cat. It's the reason why Eurasia come up with a plan to make protag sterilized while he was a cat. It was the reason why Pato went nuts when protag went into the sage mode.

If that's not important in your book, then I don't really care what you deem as important. And those are just some of the plot points there is. Saying h-scenes are just moaning and whatnot is like saying SoL parts are like babbling about needless things. You might as well argue that they could have removed some of the SoL parts because you would still get the plot.

H-scenes affect the plot and the character interactions. Whether or not you care about h-scenes is your problem. If you don't care about the full experience, that's fine. But don't try to devalue them just because you don't care about them.

Also, those CGs were magnificent IMO.


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