Where can i buy the VN for PC?

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#1 by darudius
2019-06-23 at 23:21
Kind of a newbie here. I just finished the anime but want to play through the VN. I know that currently only the introductory chapter and closing chapter are translated but how do I go about buying them? Are they bought separately etc? Then apply the patches (if that is even what you do?) .Apologies if this isn't the best place to ask.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 23:22
#2 by harp
2019-06-23 at 23:57
This is actually a pretty good place to ask. The translation is quite poorly regarded.
Regardless, WA2 has some pretty sweet physical boxes, so I can definitely recommend picking them up.

link There's this guide, but rather than Amazon.com I'd recommend JP as they now ship overseas.
There's also the option of buying used from say Yahoo Auctions, Suruga-ya, or Mandarake (ships overseas.)

Hope that's some help.

In regards to whether or not they're bought separately, that's up to you as there's different releases. If you want the full package, link is the best release to go for.

Should you decide it's too expensive or something, link released quite recently in English. Officially, and with all assets from the latest Japanese release afaik. (Same author, it might not seem similar, but yeah, at least it's cheaper. The translation has seen some criticism, but nowhere near the levels of the WA2 one.)Last modified on 2019-06-24 at 00:06
#3 by fuukanou
2019-06-24 at 00:04
#2, pretty sure Yahoo Auctions doesn't do H-games.
#4 by harp
2019-06-24 at 00:07
Ahh, I mostly buy merch haha. Now that I think about it, that seems quite accurate.
#5 by darudius
2019-06-24 at 11:07
That's great. Thanks for the help.
#6 by darudius
2019-06-24 at 22:15
#2 Also is there any chance of this ever getting an official release or are the chances non existent?
#7 by harp
2019-06-24 at 22:56
This is Aquaplus of Utaware fame, so no real chance. Maybe some port of the PS Vita release? It's not like they haven't released stuff in English, but they've only released their all-ages titles. (Except the Utaware remake I guess, which is all-ages.)

Whether to hope for a release or not is up to you.
#8 by darudius
2019-06-27 at 14:41
Ah gotcha. Thanks for the reply.
#9 by ac728
2019-07-10 at 09:52

It does.


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