Remake how much is missing?

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#1 by taiketsu
2019-06-30 at 16:27
So i just finished YU-NO and i was very satisfied with this old masterpiece.
Even through i stumpeld on the game per chance through the Anime i tried and didnt think this old game would be this good.
So my question to all who already played the remake of this game. ( I plan to buy it on steam just for the sake of having it <3)

As far i know no H-content will be in the remake which is fine since most scenes were "not needed"
So is everything like dirty joke or the connection with the stuff from Kanna and her mother proberly explained?
i mean Amanda is her mother and Takuya the possible father
Also there was one thing i didnt understand about Sayless. She stated he saved her 2 times but when was that? except for the monster thing i dont remember the 2. time. Also was it Sayless in the lake in Mios route or Keiko his mother?

So for those who read the remake, is there much stuff that got changed except for artwork/music or is it otherwise the same?Last modified on 2019-07-01 at 09:21
#2 by surferdude
2019-06-30 at 17:03
It was Sayless in the lake in Mio's route. And the second time he saved her was in the desert, although that was yet to happen.
#3 by taiketsu
2019-07-01 at 09:22
Thanks for the answer^^
So about the remake any1 got some feedback on it?


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