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#1 by lumes
2019-07-04 at 18:32
Does anyone know where can i find a review for the game?Or somebody that played can give their impression²
#2 by ichigokami
2019-07-04 at 18:58
egs has some.
#3 by lumes
2019-07-04 at 21:49
#4 by corona
2019-07-04 at 22:23
erogamescape linkLast modified on 2019-07-04 at 22:23
#5 by netonetori
2019-07-05 at 06:24
Not trying to stir up this topic again but: is there actually NTR in this game? that is relevant. I don't like it, will ditch the game if yes. On other hand some might like, so they can buy the game. Anything else is irrelevant.
#6 by cyric
2019-07-05 at 08:32
No don't worry about it, I haven't heard anything close to NTR in this vn.
#7 by ichigokami
2019-07-05 at 18:59
There is no NTR, where did you even get that impression from anyway?
#8 by rexalidus
2019-07-06 at 06:10
Have done Araya Touka, she's clean. I'm doing Misaki Kanna atm still halfway and so far she's also clean
#9 by ichigokami
2019-07-07 at 04:04
I recommend doing Uguisu last, at the very least do Touka before her. Cried like a bitch pretty much throughout the last 1/4.

Overall I would say Reins route was the best objectively(probably due to the lack of the time leap messages) but Uguisus route hit me the hardest.

Side routes were also pretty decent especially for a change of pace and to just get away from all the time leap shit.
#10 by lumes
2019-07-07 at 14:31
Was Kirara that bad of a character?Since everybody was freaking out because she wasn't a virgin
#11 by netonetori
2019-07-07 at 20:24
TBH I was just afraid OP was telling the truth:
#12 by ichigokami
2019-07-09 at 12:34
Kirara is fine, she might sleep around(she doesnt seem to though while she is trying to get the MCs dick though) but she has standards and its obvious that she isn't the type to cheat. She really shines as a supporting character in Uguisus route as well.Last modified on 2019-07-09 at 12:36
#13 by rexalidus
2019-07-10 at 01:58
While we at it, anyone have played Kiriko route? I need some insight without spoiler if possible.
#14 by loner
2019-07-10 at 09:24
Kirara is a great support in Kiriko route as well
She's the best girl
#15 by lumes
2019-07-14 at 13:02
I though the MC would be the one tryimg to get Kirara,but it's the opposite?Can someone give a summary of her route?
#16 by netonetori
2019-07-18 at 20:26
I'll just have to skip her route entirely.

*having standards and sleeping around* in the same phrase LOL


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